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  1. Please fix this?! Welcome Home is gone for about 2 days now. How is this possible when this list is furbottums featered already? As KVKHunter explained, I totally support a report for discriminating, foul language, illegal advertising and illegal content, etc, etc. But reporting for a bug.....come on........... and removing a chosen furbottums featered playlist for a report is a bit weird.
  2. Hi, The same thing happend with me. Today i wanna play my playlist "welcome home" but i can't find it anymore in community. Does this really happen when someone is reporting your playlist, because WHY?? So now i need to wait before i can play my list again? That's crazy if you think about it, welcome home was furbottum's featered on may the 17th...no reason for reporting. I hope my list get restored soon (so i can play my list again, because i have a day off and some time to play rightnow)
  3. Congratulations for beaten Welcome Home on A++ on insane! You just gave me a big smile and a big compliment !! I already completed everything on A++ on insane, but when i was reading your post i just needed to do it again! Thank you RIVE for playing the list on insane! My purpose was to make the maps fun enough, that people try to beat it on insane, and you just did! You are COOL !! The Garage and The Game Room are definitely the most difficult maps (Personally, I like that challenge ) btw today is a good day! I've set a new record. I've beaten the Game Room on insane 3 times in a row! (that's even for me a difficult challenge )
  4. Thank you very much Mr. Hatty! I like the movie a lot! It's gives me a good insight how other players experience playing the maps. I really appreciate your feedback and effort you put into your movies! I quess it's possible the break the levels 2 and 6? I hate that too. Level 2: When you push the blocks wrong when you go up (at the first savepoint). if you take the gem and fall down you can get stuck. Level 6: As you show me! When you push the block down and you don't hit the savepoint you can get stuck when you die (the bridge of glass is blocking you) I definitely keep this in mind for my next playlist! Thank you for this! Anyway most parts I think are normal to play, if you know what to do! I mean.... (This is what a player needs to complete my list normal playing) - single jump - double jump - Only push forward in the air (no jump, for examply when you get launched) - Timing - Patience (This is what a player "extra" needs to completed my list on A++ playing) - Duck jumping (for the yarn in The Game Room, or just throw a boomerang if you wanna use a tool/weapon) - First walking off a cliff and then (double) jump instead of directly (double) jumping of a cliff. (Game Room) - Glide jump right upstairs (the Attic) - Maximum height jumps (for some gems) I really try to come with some alternatives like the green bird in "The Barn" you can stand on his head and use him to get to the other side, or completly ignore him and jump on the blocks, or you can use the ladders above you. For example an other puzzle part: The part at "The Barn" where you need to jump through the clouds with the water beneath you. I talk about the last 2 clouds. When you try to jump up the fan it will blocks you, so you can't jump through the most left cloud, but when you jump throught the right cloud you can easly go through it. Almost every map have this kind of alternatives routes and puzzles! At last, I know about the pink little birds in level 6 The Garden. But i did it because the 5th level contains the secret level and if someone is paying attention they notice the pink little birds first, before going to the next level 6 "The Garden" The little pink birds in "The Garden" stand for little bugs in the garden (Ants, Fly's, Grasshopper, etc, etc) Also the buzzsaws stands for lawnmowers cutting the grass the 2 cats stand for the 2 cats in the garden Lol and at last the "Raccalope" stands for a dog guarding the exit of the garden. (well.. that's my fantasy when i play the adventure of "The Garden" ) Oooh and...I've recieved a few messages saying some levels are impossible the complete on A++ or to complete at all. Well... here we go!!! (sorry for the bad quality and some unnecessary deaths) ---SPOILER---- Welcome Home: Levels 1-2-3 Welcome Home: Levels 4-5-6 Welcome Home: Levels 7-8-9 Welcome Home: Finals Welcome Home: Encore 1 Welcome Home: Encore 2 Welcome Home: Encore 3
  5. Lol Glide on the purple blocks, let go of glide (so you fall down) then double jump and then glide again. To make it all the way up! Don't forget first let go of glide before you press jump! Spoiler!! I'm sorry for the bad quality!
  6. wheres the secret level on the 6th level of welcome home?

    1. M4dmuffinNL


      Actually, you can find it on the 5th level "The Kitchen".

      The "pink little birds" in the 6th level "The Garden" are only for decoration. They represent bugs in the garden, not a secret level :)

  7. Thank you all so much! Thank you "The Behemoth" team! Thank you all players! I'm really honored you picked my playlist as Furbottum's Features. Of course I had a little bit of hope that they will pick my playlist! But it's truly amazing that they really pick my playlist. Yesterday I was reading on the forum, I started to read the new Furbottum's Features when i suddenly saw it was my playlist. It was a total surprise for me! Anyways i hope you all enjoy it! and for more information about "Welcome Home" check out the forum -> "Community Theater - Playlist Promo" -> "Solo Adventure Playlist: Welcome Home" ps If anyone need some help with some parts, feel free to contact me!
  8. Wow, lol that goes fast!!...9th now, I did not played for a week.. but i'm back now You're absolutly right about the lazers in the next round! Btw 22.63 sec on solo challenge lvl 12 (FunwithFans) was my best time ever. Most of the times I get 28,27,26,25,24 secondes, sometimes 23. and only a couple of times 22 secondes, with 22.63 as my best time (absolutly perfect run with the lazers perfectly timed) If you wanna do 22 you need to know that it's only possible with the "electric ball" tool/weapon. Also, there's s a trick possbile to skip the bridge of glass. ---spoiler!---- ---Launch Trick!--- ---Jump Trick!---
  9. Yeah right! ..............I don't believe you!! I only talk about your part of 1000 gems within a hour (not if he is a hacker or not) I was 5 (I think now 6) on the leaderboards, 1000 gems / 60 minutes = 16,66 gems a minute. Or otherwise 60 minutes / 2 minutes of ballgame = 30 games a hour with the limit of 5 gems possible to obtain per game it's still only 150 gems (and then you always need to win and always need to be MVP, also i did not count the loading time between games) even when you do only solo challenge level 12 it takes (at least) 22 seconds to finish it for 4 gems so 10,8 gems a minutes is really the limit. So if you think 1000 gems are possible within a hour.........oke let's do a bet for some exclusive heads!!! otherwise.... please do not give people false hope!
  10. Haha your time should be that good! Mr 21k gems Lol my best time is 22.63. (did you know you can skip the glass bridge )
  11. Thank you for your compliments, I'm really glad you enjoy playing my levels so much! And ofcours if you want a hint just let me know.
  12. Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Some times it was really hard to figure out the right balance between an expert player and a beginner. I just wanted people to know that there are so much special/hidden jump techniques in this game, without frustrated beginners.
  13. Finally after a hard day of work in the “theater” you arrived at home…..Welcome Home! Playlist Name: Welcome Home Gamertag: M4dmuffinNL Playlist Type: Solo Adventure After a very long time editing I finally finished my solo story/adventure. I proudly present to you: ---------------Welcome Home--------------- 1. The Nursery Room 2. The Dining Room 3. The Bed Room 4. The Living Room 5. The Kitchen 6. The Garden 7. The Basement 8. The Barn 9. The Garage 10. The Panic Room 11. The Control Room 12. The Bath Room 13. The Attic 14. The Game Room *15. The Toilet *secret level. Before you begin I want you to know…..that it really took a toll on me: sweet, tears, sometimes a little drop of blood but most of all… AMAZING much FUN! Thank you “The Behemoth” for this amazing game + editor tool, I think it really expand the playtime by a thousand times. Also, personally I think I have designed very good levels, with some clever puzzles and trick jumps. The hardest thing for me was to make the levels not too hard but also not too easy. I hope it’s a challenge, not a piece of cake, not a nightmare. I just want to point out some things: My level designs are for every type of player: beginners, advanced and expert players (of course some parts are harder than others). A lot of my levels have an easy route and a more advanced route, sometimes you can even take an expert route. If you are an “expert” you can take a lot of shortcuts or use other obstacles to your advantage. Some of the fresh strawberries can only be taken by advanced trick jumps, but this doesn’t mean a “beginner” can’t finish a level, they still can! I’ve designed all this adventure to play without any tools/weapons! (of course if you like to use some…..go ahead! ) As far as I know, none of my levels can be “broken”. So you don’t have to restart when you get stuck (maybe with a super expert weapon tool trick you can break the level but then it’s your own fault because the routes are not created for that kind of stuff) All levels can be finished with a “A++” All levels are possible to finish with a “A++” without dying. All times are set on the easy routes, so when you finish a level with enough time left, you most likely used a more advanced route/trick jumps. Which level most proud of?.... “The Garage”. It took me some time to figure this one out. I used 6 (linked) teleports without “breaking” the level. Also the way I’ve created it is: for example if you choose the use the easy route you can get enough fresh strawberries to finish the level but you can’t get the fresh strawberries from the medium or hard route. But when, for example, you choose to use the medium route you can get the fresh strawberries from the medium route, but also from the easy route. Only when you choose to use the hard route you can get all the fresh strawberries ……. Delicious……. Fresh…….Strawberries…….Can I also have some fresh pie please? .......Can you find it? Storyline: The storyline of “Welcome Home” is based on a very very…very long story. Long story short: You arrived at home after a hard day of work. Time to relax….Time to Play some BattleBlock Theater or maybe you’re obsessed with it. Maybe you took your work home Well get ready to: Explore “The Garden” to Conquer the “The Attic” or to get FLUSHED through “The Toilet” (YEAH! Flushed, Super Cool )…………Or finally beat every room of the “Game Room”! Tips: Make sure you find the secret level “The Toilet” It’s super the f….art …cool. Make sure you react fast at “The Barn”. Are you fast enough before the door opens? Make sure you get to “The Garage” and pick the way that fits YOU the most. Questions: Any questions about my levels please ask! Feedback: Any suggestions, feedback or if you find problems, please let me know! PS. Please let me know what you think of it! It really took me a lot of time to come with some concepts, puzzles and creative routes for every kind of player. Thank you very much!...Ooh and sorry for any spelling errors/mistakes, it’s still hard from Dutch to English. .....I hope you all enjoy it!
  14. btw i only use the above two tricks once, so its an onetime trick and then you don't see them back in any level again. unfortunately there's no room to build a easy variant and then move to a more complicated variant. (but i keep this in mind, because this is a good idea/tip). do you think it's still oke to use them once in a level?
  15. Thank you very much for your feedback! boofl. I really appreciate that!! Maby i need to remove these parts from the level, or adjust them, althrough i really like the idea because you can not die you only need to know what to do. Anyway im glad with your support, yesterday i finished my 7th level (solo campaign). This level (The Garage) is my masterwork! I'm so proud of this level that i really hope people will enjoy it. Maby you wanna test my (solo campaign) when it's finished?