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  1. While I understand that any new weapons added would need to have some sort of practical use in solving a puzzle, I think it would be great to see something utterly ridiculous and overpowered as a weapon. I'm thinking along the lines of a weapon that you can only use to end an Arena match after you've won as a final "That was fun, now everyone gets to die!" sentiment. Perhaps the corpse of Furbottom could fall and crush the entire map much like a concrete donkey in "Worms."
  2. I'll admit that I attempted to blow myself up a few times in front of these doors to see if they might open.
  3. Question for all you BBS players out there, and also for the developers I suppose: what's going on with the two stages labeled "DO NOT ENTER/ OUT OF ORDER" above stages 3 & 4? Are they just for the atmosphere, or will this be something that is unlocked in further DLC or through particular achievements? It seems rather odd that one can only stand on top of the stage entrance in the stage 3/4 area; allowing you to jump up to the boarded up doors. Thoughts? Theories? Facts?
  4. I'm just now learning about some of these tricks with the weapon/tools and loving it. I really enjoy how each item has little secret things they're useful for. Does anyone else find it extremely satisfying to blow grenades back at the cats with the fan?
  5. I would love if "Buckle Your Pants" became the new video folks' got referred to when someone Rickrolled them. I suppose that verb would have to be changed though. You just got battlepants?
  6. Perhaps the Bumpers could be used for some in-game gestures?
  7. I really like the idea of using the back button for level restarts. I don't have many complaints about BBT, I'd say by and large the game is fantastic, but menu navigation/shortcuts is one area that it'd be great to have updated.
  8. "All you have to do is do this quickly without dying or screwing up" "Cooperation... Optional" "No! You're doing it wrong! Do it right!" "There is an A+, but don't bother because that takes Talent." I would love for the Narrator to narrate my few attempts to play anything past the first level of Alien Hominid; I imagine it would help me cope with the constant pain and failure.
  9. I could see the Behemoth doing a top-down shoot-em-up along the lines of "Space Invaders" but with their signature art style and humor. Perhaps Hatty Hattington could make a cameo appearance as an enemy (riding the constantly-pooing deer from Castle Crashers).
  10. I just added info about the Raccalope being vulnerable to Buzzsaw blocks. I was a bit surprised no-one else had posted this actually; I'm not alone in having killed one this way am I?