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  1. Just watched Black Dynamite, gets a 10 out of 10 from me for being stupidly funny
  2. Yeah, im a avatar freak I buy almost every avatar, so of course I would buy all of the CC avatars!
  3. I've had the same problem with characters not unlocking but that dosen't mean im going to hop in the interwebs and start swearing like a sailor
  4. A lot more videos can be found at this linky http://www.youtube.com/user/ChimpanzeeP ... wI6fcGVIrk
  5. Wow, I thought I couldn't post here "This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or reply further" is a very misleading title! lol
  6. UltraRazpacho


    Thanks for posting this! Always wanted to try this game
  7. I'd love to! I like starting fresh with a new character My PSN is UltraRazpacho
  8. The only reason I got my Industrialist to level 99 was because I like how he looked. And it took us that long to beat Insane Mode the first time :I Well im mainly talking about people that hammer away at the Insane mode Catfish for XP to get high on the leaderboards. I think the Industrialist looks cool too
  9. I saw your name on the leaderboards and I was like "I've seen that name somewhere!" Congrats Coinky! You sir, have gained my respect. Unlike the other people on the leaderboards. Industrialists
  10. Wow! Those look awesome! Im putting this on my iPhone
  11. Homer chokes me to death like Bart I drop a... Cake!
  12. I bought a bed to sleep on! That's dedication I have to agree with admiralvic. There's obviously other reasons you would of bought a 360.
  13. I remember reading that they weren't releasing it due to disagrements with Square Enix, but that was a while ago. So things might have changed.
  14. Ok, so i've had the Pazzo orb for a while and the only use I can find for it was to find that invisible X at the Snow Store and show me the obvious X marks Are there any other invisible X marks that im missing?
  15. So, im trying to level up one of my characters. What's the fastest way to level up the Red Knight? Or any character for that matter?
  16. Well I did say Red Knight I guess im a "noob"
  17. The Alien of course! Try leveling up all his magic then you'll see I love the Alien's magic! But! Ithink the best magic award goes to the Red Knight
  18. I have the same problems Someone kicked me for using the Iceskimo, seriously! I asked why and he said "Cause you use da Iceskimo" I lol'ed The main reason I joined here was to find intelligent intellectuals to play CC with!
  19. It's fixed! Awesome, that idiot's been deleted of my friends list and when I get around to it i'll ban her from LittleBigNetwork (a LBP site im a moderator at lol) @the person above me (lol) I was going to suggest a IP check
  20. Lol look at this, Why would I put quotation marks around my own name?
  21. I suppose It just suck that it happened the day after I joined here Now im gonna be dubbed "The guy with an idiot friend who messed up Castlepedia"
  22. Deleted all the weapon pages on Castlepedia and put my name Don't hate me *sigh* I was talking to my "friend" and I told here Castlepedia is the official Castle Crashers wiki, she said it wasn't. She told me to look at the weapons page and bam, well you'll see I apologise for the inconvenience. God, and I just joined here. What a great first impression... Edit: Forgot to put my "friends" PSN account, it's MangoTangoFox, so send her hate mail. Not me..