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  1. My partner and I also are having this issue. The Winston head unlocked for me, but not for her. It also happened during the Chicken Behemoth head and she unfortunately missed out on that one as well. Hope you're able to fix it soon. May I request you don't update the furbuttom feature with new heads until this is fixed? Sucks for anyone having the bug.
  2. Nevermind my earlier post. Looking forward to trying to get Winston and Donuts. Though, I hope it registers this time for my friend and I. Last time we tried to get the chicken head, it only gave it to me, and not my friend. Still not sure why that happened. Either way, loving the game so far. I hope you all continue to support it for a while longer.
  3. Hey guys, Is it too late to get the Purrham Furbottom head? Thought it was until today, as in, including today. Been dealing with some medical issues so I haven't had much time to login. Ah well, think I missed it...