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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I tried to spread out the really good levels so for the first few weren't just an overload of fun into some of the more mediocre.
  2. Yay featured!!!!! Rejoice citizens! Seriously though, thanks for taking notice. Enjoy the stages everyone.
  3. I actually have an original of each game type on it's own (excluding challenges) in addition to the combo stages.
  4. Hello everyone. I've been working on this playlist since release, and finally uploaded the playlist a week ago. It features a mixed bag of arena types with many crossover stages as well. The final stage features muckle, king, bball, and horse all in one map. I put a lot of focus on balance especially on the multi-type maps. Trying to strike a balance with a color your world / king of the hill map was quite difficult, but it ended up being one of my favorites to play. My goal is to get this list featured. Please go give it a try and rate it. If you have any questions or opinions I'd love to hear your feedback here.
  5. I love the 8-bit style too much for the Chapter 8 finale to not be my favorite.
  6. I have to agree here. Last solo feature was awful in some parts. Even though this week wasn't terribly difficult, or even decorated all that well, I still enjoyed (and rated it higher) than last weeks solo.
  7. its called most violent player though I used to be a little let down when I could score well over half the points in a BBall game and not get MVP. But the V standing for violent makes a lot more sense. Even with the overall themes of the game. I'm a bit happier if this is the case, but I think it should be more clear in the game.
  8. This happened to a friend and I as well. I hosted the co-op feature. On completion (after the finale level), I unlocked the head and he didn't. We played through all stages again with him hosting (including the secret) and it still wouldn't unlock.