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  1. A beta test of some sort would be awesome and build more hype for alien hominid invasion. The game looks pretty sick. What do you guys think?
  2. If they do make a Muckle Tournament, they should have rules. Like which weapons you are able to use and no spawn trapping.
  3. May someone please tell me how to get our playlist featured on FF? As in making people beat my playlist to unlock a special prisoner. If you do know, please put a post explaining how to. Thank you!
  4. Hello, so as we all know it, The Behemoth live streamed Battleblock Theater earlier today. And I noticed quite a few sad faces out there; including me. So I have an idea to turn all those frowns, upside down! From the live stream, each match was 6 rounds for every session of two people besides the first session which they only got to play 3 rounds. But I think that each session should be 3 rounds not 6. Because believe it or not, only 5 matches were played! Meaning out of the 150+ gamers excited to play, only 10 got to play. Sad, but true. But the real sad thing was that like many others, I have waited ever since they announced it on the DevBlog and I didn't get to play. Besides that, another thing that occurred some frowns out there was the duration of the stream. Next time, many others will be happy if you guys extended the live stream to (1hr 30min - 2hrs.) But to sum it all up, the live stream was really fun and luckily my friend got to join and I felt good for him. But please keep in mind and consider using these ideas on your next stream. I'm really sure lots of gamers out there will be pleased if you guys perform this update to your future live streams Thanks for reading, and keep up the awesome work Behemoth! P.S Dan, I hope you did not forget about our little battle we were gonna have in BBT. Remember when you told be not to worry that you'll win me later in BBT during chat? I'll be waiting
  5. Hey, one question, are we supposed to have a partner to compete against you guys or is it just first come first serve? Thanks.
  6. Well... Yeah... JK, my username on YouTube is DuhBaws which stands for The Boss and my XBL Gamertag is also Duh Baws. But since The Boss wasn't taken, might as well grab it
  7. Already beat story on insane! My next goal: Be #1 in Muckle!

  8. Yeah, I see them on the store thumbnail but it's not available for purchase.
  9. And we should also get to choose the color of the blocks and which background we want don't you think? It would be cool if they made an option specifying what theme we want the level to be like Scary, Happy, Army, etc.
  10. This sounds great! I'm going to play your playlist ASAP and I'll let you know what I think about it!
  11. Hey, I went against you in Ball Game or Muckle. Remember? Anyways, just thought it would be cool to let you know. Haha.