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  1. They don't feature playlists with names or levels violating copywrite.
  2. People you're forgetting the 15 character limit. Moist Pear Igloo Broadway Who What Funk Rigamarole The Stylings Of Gabe The Fat Lion Maine Minister FTW Bear With Me Q U R X Billy Erds Waft Dat Snack Forever Tulips Wheast Feels Pweep Sorry Ingraved Olive Kraft Dinner Disturb Beats ABCDLMNOQWXYNZ Nanaco Narkface Welp Time To 8V Conduct Forlorn Ants Heavy ow Weeendiiigooos BigAmerikanTTS
  3. I usually buy 1 yarn for 2 gems rounded up. I guess that's too generous.
  4. I thought the game was going around the gift shop hitting ourselves senceless until everyone quits from bordom, like a LMS of sorts.
  5. Also works with those orange bouncers, though they stop you in place when they try. There was one instance I remember from story when you needed to carry a rock over fans then drop it to fly high and get a yarn or gem.
  6. Neither will the finale (10 and 11). Only regular and encore levels get doors with viewable names.
  7. How many modded playlists have you seen? And what are their names? I've never seen a modded level before. I've only seen the rainbow and sun on the Behemoth arcade cabinet demo playlist. It also had signs on how to play and what buttons to use, because it was a test playlist for new players.
  8. There is no achievement for star heads. You do not need star heads. You do not need any heads really. If someone gave you their head, then they would no longer have that head. If you fool for the gems trick, you are not as jaded as a gem yet. Trust no one.
  9. this topic was moved to Forum Games section.
  10. The limitations are there for game mechanics and lag. If they could I'm sure they would allow more. Use saws for ceiling and water for floor if you run out of spikes. Use switch blocks and a closed off saw to create less laser or cat weapon usage. Put saws on the edge of their path to determine their first direction. There's are new levels being made everyday. Most people playing this are kids and either don't have the time, patience, or mental ability to create good levels. The levels that are good get downvoted because the kids can't beat them (sometimes even reported just to remove the playlist out of anger), while levels with one floor, huge open space, and a few buzzsaws on the ground, followed by a row of strawberries get above four stars. Do you know how off-putting and depressing it is when you take your time to create levels similar in difficulty and diversity to the story, only to get bad ratings, hate messages, and sudden playlist removals? A lot of people probably don't want to waste their time with the community we have currently. Why make a well thought out playlist when all people want is every level to be like a secret level or simpler?
  11. I'd like to point out that going off-topic is against the rules. (Memor, Clyve, IndustrialKnight, CaptainBubbles) I'd also like to point out that trying to correct people's rule breaking is against the rules. (xlrrip, ChaosWarfare360) If someone breaks a rule, report them and move on. I still need to get on and play for DuckShark.
  12. I think it's unpublished at the moment. I'll help. I'm very fair with my reviews.
  13. Be quiet we're trying to fight here. At least my post was on-topic. You guys are derailing this thread like it's a chat room and I think reports are in order.