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  1. Ok... So I won't get in trouble somehow? Because I have no clue how it happened. He was spawnkilling me with the fireballs then for some reason I stayed on fire and didn't die? And this was all in a ranked match. By the way, I failed to mention before that this is Battle Block Theater on the game type Ball Game.
  2. I am UNDEADMANTOBY on Xbox Live and I was playing with my friend futbolhombre24 and an opponent XxYellowDJxX8 and he caught me on fire and I didn't die! I was just able to run around killing everyone else with my fire for some reason! And in another match versing him we somehow got 69 points and in another match we somehow got 31 points!? I think this guy is trying to hack the game so we get in trouble or something because the score only goes up by 7s doesn't it? I really don't want to get in trouble for something I did not do.