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  1. Gamertag: Cephalocidal Playlist: Relatively Sure (solo adventure) Tweaked version of 'Fun is Relative', which was somewhat erratic in its difficulty and impossible to A++ on one level due to time constraints. It's not perfect, but I'm proud of it. Currently working on a heavily modified version of the playlist for co-op. Difficulty is in line with the final act of story mode, so I don't recommend playing 'Relatively Sure' until you've cleared the main single player game. Please report any unwinnable scenarios or broken puzzles here. Thanks!
  2. I actually set my times for A++ at what it takes me to clear a level plus two inconvenient deaths plus a few seconds. I made the wretched thing, if I have a hard time clearing it in three minutes most strangers of moderate skill should probably take three and a half. Remember, ROMhacks aren't very many peoples idea of fun.
  3. cephalocidal

    Buzz Saw Race

    The problem with making your whole map a race is that there's no room for the player to stop and explore their surroundings. Instead, make a much shorter version of your race that the player has to pass to proceed, and make it reset on failure. Factor a failed attempt and a few other minor errors into the par time, and make a strawberry or the pie briefly available at the end for players who complete the race exceptionally quickly. The window should be your personal average time to clear it plus a second or two. Make it an interesting enough little race and you can build the rest of the level around it.
  4. Every single type of armed kitty guard can make for a delightful/unexpected/terrifying addition to any course with one or two well-placed fans. Just don't go overboard. Unless you're intentionally making a weapon based gimmick level one or two types of kitties is plenty.
  5. Aww. ...Hypothetically speaking, what would happen if I reported one of my own playlists as illegal?
  6. With the reserving of rights to delete... is there any way to have a published playlist pulled? I was silly and uploaded a playlist that isn't possible to A++ start to finish. I've uploaded an amended version where I've managed to correct this error but the older playlist is still out there, mocking me. Is there currently a way to voluntarily retire playlists you've personally published?