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  1. Playing it right now, I'm litteraly drooling for the ice+lava blocks combination, it's amazing! Edit: The ice can save you after you've been spiked? oh my...
  2. Do YOU know what really sucks? People continuosly whining about star heads. Just enjoy the damn game, geez!
  3. That's sad, I bet that not a single playlist was ever reported for inappropriate material but only for ragequit...
  4. Haha, I had the exact same thought, my playlist got reported too and then featured (for like... and hour or two, but still...)
  5. I'm playing this right now, and I HAD to come here to comment this: WHAT. The teleporter hidden under the jelly cannon. That is the evilest thing I can imagine. I stepped there by accident and I was like "what? That son of a..." Anyway I'm having real fun on this playlist, I LOVED the level with the ball! Edit: Erase that, I'm at the second finale, I hate you. Riedit: Ok, I finally made it. You took from me every drop of life, 5/5 stars and 5/5 punches in the face.
  6. I played your levels, the ideas were funny and good looking, I mean, the acid bubble level and the paper plane storm were absolutely amazing, both to play and to watch! I felt my little prisoner struggling to protect himself from all those sharp exploding paper planes, that was fun and scary at the same time! On the other hand, I had the feeling the whole playlist was one-themed, like: walk on the bubbles, walk on the duck-sharks, walk on the paper planes, walk on this, walk on that. Also, sometimes the cake seemed out of hand to catch if not with luck. Anyway, great playlist, I rated 4 stars out of 5!
  7. That's a shame, I had already bought the ticket! I guess I will have to wait...
  8. I finally had the chance to play this with a decent teammate and now I can say it: 8Bitten you're the best. I don't know how you come up with these ideas, but I've been playing with my eyes sparkling in joy and amazement, thank you 8Bitten, thank you.
  9. Here's a second entry! I would choose him to remember how lucky I am! ...not being him, brr. Edit: I almost forgot, I dedicate this to every player who likes to use that... thing.
  10. Why is EVERYONE concerned about the head, just wait and eventually you'll get them all, geez. The playlist is great, I like the muckle sections A LOT, and also the capture-the-soul sections are fun of course, I just wish there were more colour the world levels. Anyway these are totally the playlists that make me wanna play them again and again and again, good job! 5 out of 5 (not my favourite of all time, but great nonetheless)
  11. Exactly. Anyway, I only played until the secret level because I was getting so frustrated trying to communicate with random playmates that I ended giving up, I'll make sure to give it a second (and full) run with a friend. I have to say that your solo playlists were more inspired in terms of trap ideas, but this coop one sure is funnier, I had a good laugh even with teammates jumping around randomly and throwing grenades at me! Once again, great job!
  12. Can't wait to try out that new playlist, I'm pretty sure it will be awesome! Edit: The SUPER-COOL AMAZING Secret Level is really SUPER-COOL AMAZING but unfortunately is cheatable, some guys playing with me managed to pass the orange block, because they were too dumb to get the duck shark on the button
  13. I would totally choose the pooping deer! I dedicate this to 8Bitten because poop.
  14. I raged a lot but kinda enjoyed the playlist, it was stuffed with fresh ideas, I LOVED the upside down duck walk!!! 5/5
  15. Just so you know, there's still the problem with the invite, I finished the coop and didn't got the head...