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  1. I can say the Co-Op playlist was incredibly fun. I finished that with my friend and rated it 5 stars. The solo mode, though, was a bit too ridiculous in the ways it killed you. It felt more like it was trying to be a kaiso, I-want-to-be-the-guy-esque playlist than it was trying to be just plain fun. That being said, it got pretty creative in the design aspect, so I can understand why it was chosen. But, I still gave it 1 star out of frustration lol.
  2. Is it possible to still join? If so, my friend and I may want to given that we're undefeated. But if not I'll keep up to date with who wins this.
  3. Could be for Trophies in the future, assuming this will eventually go up on PSN.
  4. Looks like heads for achievements from other games? Am I seriously going to have to play All You Can Quaff?
  5. Is that one achievement bugged for everyone? Has anyone actually gotten every achievement yet?
  6. If anyone wants to go for the insane coop and standard coop achievements, let me know. I really need to get those. I have pretty much all of them but I still need a few, including those two.
  7. In the last chapter, enter the finale door. You'll see portraits of a lot of people and a suspicious bear. That's the room this Easter egg is in. You've probably been there but went on through immediately, so it may be hard to remember it.
  8. I'm still hopeful that there will be a head unlocked via Easter egg. Seriously I've been everywhere it seems in the campaign, but I'm going to keep looking haha.
  9. Yes I do mean the Hall of Dudes. I meant the beginning of the finale in the sense that the Hall of Dudes is through the finale door. Seriously I'm surprised no one else noticed this haha.
  10. Yes on both of those. I used the forceball to launch as high up as possible in search of Easter eggs outside the theater. I also tried it pretty much everywhere else ha. I'm still hoping my skill at double bubble jumping becomes useful in the future too.
  11. Wha....what are you talking about? If you wait until the end of the song in the record room (beginning of Chapter 8 finale) you hear Stamper say something when the record cuts out.
  12. Yeah I think I mentioned it in another topic. It's as soon as you walk into the Chapter 8 Finale. Wait until the song finishes. Again, it's possible that it's just the same voice actor for another character.
  13. I love the bubble because of bubble jumping. I've gotten pretty good at it haha and it's really helpful.
  14. I may look into that modplug thing. It's totally worth a shot at this point haha. Patrick, you should try the Newgrounds audio portal or soundcloud. They're both great upload sites.
  15. My gamer tag is my username (ggamer2004). Add me if you want to play Battleblock Theater of course ha.