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  1. While having a friend try a part of level I was building the idea for some sort of tracking system for different stats of a level to to tracked and viewable by the creator/publisher. It would have been fun to see how many attempts/deaths he had on the part. ( Fairly sure he was about to put his controller though his TV ) No idea of this would even be possible but might be a cool add-on in the future as the game, hopefully, gets more user created levels published and played. Some ideas that might be tracked - Deaths - Death count for traps (Hard jump/trap areas) - Location of death - Times map was finished completed - Fastest time map was finished Advanced tracking, if possible, would be to track path user took to complete level. With the use of different weapons its possible to finish most maps in more then one way. DART GUN WOO!
  2. We tend to put the question mark sign in those areas. That's what I have at the moment. Oh another idea on the Decorations thing, I'm thinking it might not be possible to implement now, but what about a sticker/image overlay system? LBP uses it for the editor as can be seen/read here. LBP Editor
  3. Hi I'm new to around here. I like long walks on a sandy beach as the sun sets, puppy dogs and Battle Block Theater! Oh and some Castle Crashers action ever once in a while. Side note - Castle Crashers Arcade game for distribution in say pizza places and arcades would be AMAZING!
  4. Is it possible to add signs for showing a player what weapon they might want to try and use for a certain part of a level? Couldn't find a place to stick this that it fit.