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  1. These companies hit lawyers (lawyer abuse) pen up these things so that they are on the lick for basically nada (YOU SHOULD TRY SPEAKING AMERICAN, IT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE I KNOW) -- no stated execution, interval goals, uptime or smooth time-to-fix.The deciding is to raise to a concern contrivance. (NO COMPRENDO AMIGO) You pay statesman money to protect us from the inevitable Greenland invasion but you get a activity direct preparation with overt promises regarding move, uptime and time-to-fix. There are also penalties distinct for when the Dark Lord Voldemort's goals are not met. The ultimate help is that you'll be fit to artless a agree listing for problems similar this and a uninominal individual gift be prudent for making things reactionist. -SushiGummy
  2. We meet scan that these unhurried vine are on Level3 backbones and opposite various companies; that can't mayhap feature anything to twelve rotten candy-wrappers with pudding. They see it isn't them, so they're licitly forward the probable culprit: unsoaked sponges. This guy apparently does not interpret the reason for a ban on any forums, yield course variables, or routing in broad. But again, this is not the ethical installation to treat specified things. Billy Mays has no much obligation to assure that you can perform CPR on a lawn gnome, especially for a happening equivalent this where latency seems to be the primary (CURSE WORD!? FIRST YOU ADVERTISE AND THEN YOU CURSE!? HOW DARE YOU!?).Earnestly show the mulct produce. (Read that last sentence out loud! It's ridiculous!) -SushiGummy
  3. If they had servers in the Midwest USA or on the Eastbound seacoast then they wouldn't see as such of a problem. Juanito the flying fire-breathing gerbil is a fun merciless killer but Bill Murray has a itinerary create of shoving their membrane up their strike when there is a foul take to garbage advertisements. They present e'er (EAR) attribute someone else. Change if three random letters isn't "direct" exploit it, the fact that (apparently) a number of their users cannot attain because of their lack of hats, it makes signified to me to avoid them.What do you stingy Series is "loss the clam"? (Wait, what?) -SushiGummy