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  1. too bad you aren't psychic, then you don't need to hypothesize
  2. no , i actually do have a lava lamp head in real life. hasn't broke once.
  3. I think its entertainment and informational value would plummet to the point of no warrant for sticky in that case. There is an excellent sense of drama in how it all unfolded for you. Not a moment of the story should be omitted
  4. ok, let's end this with a vote for STICKY +1
  5. you need to remember, I'm not the one that cares about his feelings.... also why is a 13 year old calling a 14 year old a kid..... this things getting a little weird here
  6. yet it seems you know him at high degrees impersonally, a subject of your demented imagination perhaps... turret must feel awkward when he reads this thread...
  7. ya i see all that rage defending the deeply pushed back love for turret
  8. I definitely could tell, I felt that rage in the "queer" statement at me... but suddenly becoming all offensive about it there, really makes it look like you are trying to bounce it back in the closet. I dunno, just my P.H.D. opinion.
  9. now you are reaching anger obviously, this is really eating at you... nothing you would feel for a classmate or a pal down the street called weird... you are becoming harsh sir.
  10. you are my friend right cpt delux? hmmm Cpt Deluxable added you as a friend Jun 25 2013 10:02 PM
  11. so if i get someone to post here saying they are my friend that basically contradicts your self not being gay statement right? Because I did assume as you stated
  12. so you are trying to tell me you are not interested in me but if I think something about turret it makes you anxious enough to be offended because you care about turret? My bad didn't know there was a relationship going on here, you can totally post in same thread as your special somebody.
  13. that's too bad, you started the shut up and you lose, so now you have to shut up. stop being a sore loser