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  1. It doesn't matter what people think, you should do art for the fun of it I think your art is awesome, and I feel you should do more
  2. Marco P

    Marco Fan Art

    Thanks for the replies, and yes, he does look adorable ^^ Anyways, here is my next piece of art, another based on Alien Hominid The inspiration for this one was Shrek, as you will see. Again, I insist on some constructive criticism, and ideas for my next piece of art is welcomed Enjoy
  3. Marco P

    Marco Fan Art

    Hey Guys, I'm kinda new to this forum thing, but my main aim is to share my art with others. I draw allot, but I haven't been satisfied with just sticking all my art into a folder, gathering dust. So, enjoy This piece of fan art was inspired by the frog in castle crashers, and one day I though: " what if...? " and this is my creation. I enjoy drawing creatures, so expect allot of that from me. Constructive criticism is welcomed, as I seek to improve my art
  4. I think the game was based on a popular minigame on Alien Hominid. Some people played it more than AH itself, so they decided to make a bigger game of it, or so I believe.
  5. Marco P

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Great work man! Keep it up! I love the defined stroke style to your work, which gives a new, less accurate (good thing) feel to the art style. Think your a great artist, never stop doing what you enjoy
  6. Hey Dan. I am a massive fan of yours, and for almost a year I have been copying your style, but, as you said, I am trying to create my own style. This is proving incredibly difficult. The one thing I struggle with most is drawing from my mind, and it stuns me how easily you draw new things so well. I always have an image of what I would like to draw in my mind, but it turns out awful. Another problem is inspiration. I'm never inspired to draw anything. When I copy your style, it turns out great. But that's all it is, copying. If you have any advice for me, I hope you read this and tell me. You are an incredibly talented artist, and don't stop making the games we all know and love