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  1. Granted, but it was only out for about 3 days. Which, in return, you'd have to stay 3 days more after vacations. I wish I knew what I was wishing for....
  2. banned for misspelling "2nd" from your User Name. Disclaimer: May not even be a typo.. but oh well...
  3. *grabs the word "win" and places it in a bag while everyone is distracted by basilisk*
  4. i believe u lie and thats why i win wanna know why i win? because i saw it in my dream so.. nope.. no lies here!
  5. Granted, but after them knowing for about a minute, they would soon develop a serious case of alzheimer. i wish that the evil monkey living in my closet would treat me a little better. <-- Monkey <--- Me
  6. i believe i win.. cause i once saw a pig fly!
  7. Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'll work on it right away.
  8. So, I had a couple questions to ask you guys about the game, since you all are full of wisdom and knowledge. My first question is... Where would be the best place to level up? I just finished the game last night, and I'm currently a level 38 Red Knight. I would assume Snow World would be the best bet? Second question is... Is there a certain way to get skill ups? Or upon leveling up, is when I get skill up points? ( I believe its upon leveling up, but just wanna be on the safe side.. ) Third question is... I hear everyone saying that they wanna do Insane Mode runs, but in almost all of the runs, everyone says they around 78+ when it comes to levels. Since I'm a level 38 Red Knight, I'm assuming I wouldn't be much of assistance compared to someone of a level 78. Right? Thats it! Thanks in advance for the replies.
  9. its well worth it.. i believe.. i played Final Fantasy XI Online for about 5 years... and yup, there was a monthly subscription fee with that.. I don't regret it one bit!
  10. wish granted, however, in recent news.. all of Halo Reach games are being recalled due to players suddenly chewing their own fingers after playing it so much. i wish the purple people living under my bed would just go away...
  11. the head looks perfect.. the rabbit told me so.. yup, very skilled indeed.. just as i'm skilled on making this 12... 1....222 1......2. 1.....2... 1....222 lol and what an ugly 12 i made!