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  1. This bug has no longlasting effects, the person's level and EXP won't change.. It'll just show a portrait there. The green knight portrait will be there too, My friend was Alien Hominid, d/c'd, and it was the green knight portrait level 99 with the same thing.. just a minor bug
  2. Iceclops

    PS3 CC arena

    Not sure about how many wins, I'm trusting my gut and sticking to a single character. @Number of people in arena I got in like 5 matches yesterday but people stopped creating rooms since I kept winning.. There are barely any people in the arena ;/
  3. I'll check if it changed for PS3 version today when I get home from my scholarly pursuits. However, if they do, Hawkster hits about 4 or 5 times per knockdown, which is better than 1 extra accounted hit every 10.
  4. I still need to see for sure if pets can level you up (I'm going to run around on a level 1 with negative strength weapon knocking down stuff once) and I'll see if Hawkster will give you extra EXP.. Rammy and Bitey wouldn't really make much of a difference since they seldom do hit, and I juggle most of the time anyway.
  5. just ask questions till someone tells you to its glitched =.= Thank you sir
  6. I played Castle Crashers on the 360 (Not for a long time, unfortunately, damn RROD's made me quit consoles for a while) but I do recall hearing some song whenever I opened the chest filled with money. I don't hear it on the PS3 version I have, and I asked a friend if he heard any song when he opened the chest and he said he didn't. I haven't tried to see if it has anything to do with Standard Vs. HDMI, but we're both using component cables (the tricolor ones with the matching slots and stuff). Anyone know how to get the song to play, or if it's in the Ps3 version at all?
  7. I'm not really sure whether or not Hawkster gives you any EXP per peck, I actually could conduct a few tests to determine if it does, won't really take long.. However, his topic title in my opinion is pretty accurate, Giraffey doesn't add much EXP, the hawkster keeps you alive longer, And off the 130 or so HP I get per fruit I can tank a few more hits which will give a lot more EXP to me when I juggle than just a 10% increase... Congratulations on Rank 17, good luck on Rank 1.
  8. Golden Skull on my 99 orange knight. Huzzah
  9. I got 3 RROD's in a row, Ps3 for me. Left my ps3 on for 2 and a half months, wasn't even hot. My 360's would get RROD'd after about 2 days of 5hours per day, and it's not "Temperature" because the room it's in is well ventilated at 66degrees farenheit
  10. Level 99 Orange Knight, going for golden skull (I've had some issues with it, just breezin through insane) But I'm up for some insane 8]
  11. I beat Wiz Castle Interior->Final Boss twice, and it didn't count. I'm going to try The wizard castle takeoff to the final battle twice, and get the ship wheel and horn so there shouldn't be any reason for me to be missing any.. yeah.
  12. Well I kept failing on thieves forest because I was soloing it, and I got to level 60-ish off failing on that troll boss like 20 times, after that I really breezed through the game. I beat every level without dying, but I don't have the ship wheel in my inventory (It disappeared when I got to the desert then I got off for the day) I'm going to replay a lot of the levels today, But most likely just Lava world and corn boss to have the wheel and horn, Then I'm going from wiz takeoff->wiz interior->final battle twice, it should count then. I played multiplayer from Flooded Temple->Ice Castle, but I was the one reviving my friend every time he was out of potions. If the above method doesn't work I'm probably just going to run through insane again.
  13. Did everything admiralvic suggested, still didn't get it. It's too late to keep going, :C I guess I'll try to get it tomorrow.
  14. I see. Do you have the PS3 version? If so, add me and help me speed up the process, I want this gold skull so I can go back to my Iceskimo my PSN is Iceclops