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    Forum Sugestion thread

    Theres already a discussion going on in the Gift Shop about this. It seems a lot of people like this idea. Behemoth should do this. So I'm a genius? lol probably not and someone already took the idea and claimed it as their own but idk
  2. RegularPerson

    Forum Sugestion thread

    Hey, I have a product idea that I think would really sell. You know those blind bags? The small nearly 100% opaque bags containing figurines of a certain series? Well, maybe if TB would like to, they could make Battleblock theater blind bags containing figures of the many unlockable prisoners in the game. They can separate it into many series and like most blind bags, they can have a rare figurine that can be obtained like for instance...HATTY HATTINGTON! I mean who wouldn't want to obtain the best friend of all? It would sure make a lot of money for TB (from all those fans buying them all...wasting their mon- AHEM.) I sure would love to see those available in stores nearby or on The Behemoth Online Shop! Who else thinks this is a great idea? I want to save some prisoners! Also I am still a newbie to this forum so I was having a tough time finding a proper thread to post on. Wouldn't mind for a mod to help guide me to the right thread. thanks