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  1. Why is this topic still around. Its been a month since I played CC. An Mad is still giving his time to this thread to flame. Thank you? Yerrrp not first anymore. I'm friends with the new 1st placer and he made it known to me that I shouldnt even try anymo. Cant compete with his methods. It was awesome while it lasted tho. :] Thanks to all who supported! Buhh now Im on to better and bigger things. BlackOps and ACBrotherhood are out! I recommend everyone should play ACB it will blow your mind penis.
  2. Youre not off topic? Why would he when he went off topic in this thread quite a bit? Yep and who's time is it? Youre not wasting your time by being here? I wouldn't be posting in this community If I didn't go after first place. Unlike you and Cyanide I need a greater reason than trolling to be here.
  3. OHHHH! ...sweet. @First post You just started? o.O Maybeh you were born to paint nails! Youre better at doing nails than my girl. lol
  4. @SushiGummy: Sorry but you know I must have the last word. ^^;;; Merit-worthy? I didnt even twitter about it. Only my girl and a few friends know cause they come over often. wait...well here in CC world yes its merit-worthy!! An durr I'ma "act" butthurt cause its a forum. You are just asking for it when you come in here all "blahblah who cares" and with those horrible comparisons. If I took every argument that I had online personally I probably be dead right now cause I shot myself.
  5. You made an acc here just to share this? Its not even really about castlecrashers. rly???
  7. This little kid... Your comparisons make me want to give birth to a dozen lions so they can claw my eyes out. "Yea I'm so afraid of the internet." myspace: /yumerikguava (Dont think its me? Send a message if youre not "afraid" deedurrr To you its not remarkable but to the 4-7 people a day that congratulate on CC think otherwise.
  8. lol You out of everyone here should know my reasons. You mean they are lazy or something? Yes. Plus they have a lot of other ish they should be fixing in CC before they add something like this.
  9. Oh and go check out the TI thread. The real problems on CC are on xbox. Obviously. Youre not taking into account that the PS3 version is only a month old, the 360 2 years. So shouldn't there be less recent issues with the xbox then? hmmmmmmmmmm
  10. I use to have an Xbox 360 and lost it to the ring of death. If you knew me irl you would see that I'm very anal about keeping my systems clean. Yet it still died. I still have my nintendo, super-nintendo, and sega-genesis working perfectly. An I did call Microsoft to send me a new one or get repairs, unfortunately the warranty ended before hand. Oh and go check out the TI thread. The real problems on CC are on xbox.
  11. You do know that the behemoth will never do this, not even if you get a million people to sign. Still think its a good idea so... /Signed
  12. This kid... No difference? The difference here is that there are hundreds of 10th prestige COD players, and only one 1st place CastleCrasher. What a horrible comparison. Going after 10th prestige takes longer and is so much more fun than playing on the same level grinding exp over and over.
  13. Even if the behemonth thought it is cheap or wanted to take it out, do you really think they would?