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  1. If before you logged off, you exited to map, and let it save. Then yes, you will have your experience and level stats you've earned. But depending on the level you just finished, even if it did save, doesn't mean that's where you are still at. For example, If you complete the "Desert" and exit to map and it saves. Then exit game, Then go back in, You will still have an arrow for "Desert". You must complete "Desert" & "Alien Ship" and "Desert Chase" . These are linked together and you need to do all 3 and save it for it to count. Same with Sand Castle Interior and Sand Castle Roof. Those 2 are linked. I can type up a full list if you want me too. I haven't played the game in a couple months, But I'm sure I still remember which ones are "linked".
  2. it's fun beating industrial castle on insane. Takes a while but it's a good challenge.
  3. yes, those people are lame and give me the overwhelming feeling to choke them.
  4. Glitcher Yes, I am using the Glitch of playing this game for countless hours, and lots of work.
  5. I have everything.... Even 28 Gold Skulls... Don't believe me. Add me on PSN. Myistar I also am very tired of this game. But it still is a pretty good game.
  6. myistar

    Game Saves

    yeah , it took forever to get 28 of them. i mean forever. i'm playing mostly little big planet, but i still help out other people when i can. i just made a backup saved game file so i should be good incase something wants to erase. i can say i'm a little tired of castle crashers now. ahhaaa.
  7. myistar

    Game Saves

    1. I am not sure even if it will work. I tried to get a game save for ResidentEvil5 and it was tied to the person who made that file, and I couldn't use it. But there probably is a way around it. But ended up not liking the game cause of 2P mode sucks balloon. 2. I have all 28 Gold Skulls and of course, all unlocked characters. And it is not right just to give all that hard work to someone who doesn't feel like playing a game to earn something. But you did remind me, to back up my game save file for Castle Crashers. So I do not lose it somehow.
  8. PSN Myistar please add me. I am missing items still but only starting on the japanese looking levels (forgot what it's called) till the end. Thanks. I'll be glad to help!
  9. Alot of times i try to join a local game it says no games found. So i doubt it's anything wrong with your stuff. but just keep trying and you should get someone. If you want you can add me to your friends list. Same as my username here. And just send me a message and i'll play along if i have time. I'm on PS3 as well.
  10. Yes you can join anyones game. I connect via Wi-Fi using a Wireless Router. I can 99% of the time host and join games with no problems. I had to, though, open up some ports by port forwarding my router, and after that, I've only had once instance where someone couldn't connect to my hosted game. But it could of been the other guys fault though. I am on PS3.
  11. Have all 28 of my gold skulls, took FOREVER. But my OCD wouldn't allow to be not have all of them. Now to work them all to LVL 99. All but 6 of my characters are level 80 or more. I have at least 7 characters at 99 already also.
  12. I need peeps to add me to play from Wizard Takeoff till the end. Insane Mode of course. PSN myistar leave a message when you add that you are from here.
  13. DDR was the only one I got into to. I pretty much love the game, but haven't played in a while. Seems like I get into it for a couple months straight, then I quit for a year and do the same thing over again.
  14. add me if you want. myistar i have a character that has all insane done, but needs to start at wizard takeoff till the end.
  15. that's wild. even more than me.. whoaaa. i thought i was a castle crasher maniac.. ahhaahaa good job. i still won't quit playing until i get all gold skulls for everyone.