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  1. Thanks guys! Is there a way to change it because it's actually supposed to be an adventure level
  2. So the past two days I have been working hard on my level playlist. When I was finished and happy I uploaded the levels and what do you know....they're gone. I went to play them on Furbottom's features and they didn't exist. I also went to edit them again in hope to reupload but the game was acting as if they'd never existed. Is there anyway to get them back? I worked really hard on them.
  3. As awesome as he is I don't usually see the necromancer, also the brute I've NEVER seen ANYONE play as him, not even on youtube.
  4. Sigh, Hatty being named Hatty, has the urge to put on this pilgrim hat, (I'm not sure if it actually belonged to pilgrim) The hat makes him feel multiple emotions, the gem means nothing, as if you watch the more recent videos, the gem is no longer being used in the story. Evil Multiple Emotion Hat Wearing Hatty or EMEHWH (Pronounced Emehuwhuh) betrays you and gives you to the cats. Everything here is based on what the behemoth has said. Case Closed
  5. I can tell this is a stupid question but what exactly do you mean by show?
  6. Does Dan do all off the artwork or does he get help? I know he does the characters and in alien hominid he did everything but in BBT and CC is he doing all of the artwork and animation
  7. It seems to me that the games cons seem to be in the same areas all the time which is really annoying for people like me in Europe(and other places) and I really wanna go to one, does The Behemoth plan on varying there locations more?
  8. I have a PS3 (though my brother has an xbox) and from what I know the ps3 is a harder console to program on, sure they'd be better of fame wise if there games were on ps3 but its not that simple. Mabye you should save up so you can have both consoles.
  9. Soul mode Safemode Colour mode push mode