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  1. Have you tried deleting the demo and re-installing? I think i had this problem when i first got it, but i can't remember what i did to fix it, i'll try to though
  2. Well the king is THE king, and his beard is the beard of gods, so he should be overpowered
  3. I play in the UK on PS3 ID: RobotXUnicorn
  4. I suppose i could at some point. I have a level 45 Green Knight and some other ones around level 15...If you want to add me my ID is RobotXUnicorn, i'll try to send you an invite at some point
  5. I've always been a piece of poop. I bring people down.
  6. Those pesky barbarians, they get me every time!
  7. Thank you for your insight you benifited all of use with that statement. I think you gained a lot from my statement, you gained the knowledge of my thoughts on this topic.
  8. I stared, and stared, and stared some more, then looked around and said "What the heck just happened?! "
  9. Totallly, and I'm the best at Super mario because nobody has beat me first to ten yet And Madbest you should really stop being so big-headed, just chill out bro' Being good at a game doesn't make you the best, for all we know you could've only played one person and they haven't beat you first to ten.
  10. What if we don't have a mind penis, and who is the new first placer?