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  1. For that level you have to move the rock in the upper conveyor belt area to the far left side of the belt. Then you use the lava block to boost back down the chute to the area with the gum blocks. This will give you enough time to run across the gum blocks with the laser deactivated to open up a small shortcut. Once you've done that, simply repeat the process, but instead this time drop through the opened shortcut onto the gum blocks, from there you will be able to make it to the next checkpoint before the laser reactivates. To move the rock across the belt, throw it, jump towards the rock, pick it up again as you land, and throw it again. Repeating this process allows you to get the rock to the other side of the conveyor. Eventually the rock will move back onto the button, reactivating the laser.
  2. First off, I want to say a huge thank you to The Behemoth! I had so much fun designing in this game, and I made a fantastic friend too. I'm overjoyed to have received the final solo feature spot on XBLA, and I'm a huge fan of your selection for the Steam feature. You all rock and I can't thank you enough for making such an awesome game (and giving us a level-editor with it too). For that trap you have to use the lava block positioned over the exploding block to launch yourself down onto the ice. From there you crouch to slide under the saws. After you've slid back and forth once from the fans, you can use your momentum to jump over the three saws next to the ladder to progress. You have to lure the Raccalope onto the bridge. You can use the Ferdinand to carry it across the gap. If you're stuck at the gum blocks and fans, just hold right against the gum block wall and you'll slide lower and lower, eventually you'll slide all the way to the base of the fans, from here you can hold left and fly upwards with the momentum boost from the fans. There are ladders on the sides of the blocks in that section, use them to stop yourself from flying upwards through the clouds! I know it's pretty tricky. Thanks! I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! Coming up with the various raccalope puzzles and traps throughout this playlist was a blast, as raccalopes have a ton of weird and interesting interactions with the rest of the blocks. That fan/saw-sliding puzzle on the third level was definitely one of my favorites.
  3. Grave Velocity is without a doubt my favorite community playlist on BattleBlock Theater. I was lucky to have the pleasure of watching this playlist come together and testing it throughout its development. The traps and puzzles within these levels are incredible. The levels flow superbly well and there were never any moments where I was unsure what to do. The really awesome thing about this playlist is how well the difficulty scales throughout. The first levels are not too terribly challenging, but the amount of puzzles and their complexity only increases the further you go, leading to challenges where you feel genuinely clever once you've figured them out. Watching MisterrQuentin's designing style grow and improve over these past years has been awesome, and his levels and their quality have improved so drastically that it's baffling. There were so many times when we were designing together that the ideas and concepts he would show me would just leave me dumbfounded. I was continually impressed by how he would discover and implement such niche mechanics and interactions. This final playlist is definite proof of his overwhelming improvement and dedication to creating quality content in BBT. I've shared so many laughs with this guy, told so many stupid stories and came up with so many ridiculous inside jokes that I can't even remember them all. Even though both of our times designing in BBT have come to an end, I'm so happy I made such an amazing friend. Play this playlist, it's actually the best.
  4. I used to watch a lot of youtube gamers, though my interests have declined due to having less personal time with school and work. However I still have a couple channels I always check into. My personal favorite channel on youtube is "TVMaxwell", it has a bunch of hilarious short films, some of which are definitely less PG (You've been warned).
  5. Alright peeps, lemme' give you the rundown on this delightfully pleasant playlist. For starters, the color schemes are awesome, and the level names are often rather clever or hilarious as well. As for the actual content of the levels, they're great! There are a couple old ideas I recognized from other playlists, but some of the original ideas within this playlist are superb and definitely worth praise. My only grievances came from a couple points where the player could break the levels, the somewhat lack-luster encores and a few grenade traps. The reason I had an issue with these traps was that I felt the paths of grenades were a bit hard to memorize and dodge. That coupled with the fans often found in those areas it would be thoroughly difficult to pass this one on Insane Mode. (I know, 8Bitten complaining about grenade traps, what a hypocrite.) But where this playlist really took off were the Finales. The Finales were SO GOOD, and easily made this playlist one of my all-time favorites. There was one point in particular with cannons and a raining grenade, which I can confidently say is one of the coolest platforming trap sections I've seen to date. I highly recommend giving this one a run through. This playlist earned its Feature status and then some. 4.5/5 Stars. IMPOSSABLANK has a new fan.
  6. It's been good BattleBlock. One hell of a ride actually.

  7. Alright, so Pit People has grown on me significantly, and when you think about the game it fits really well. But that logo... It was love at first sight. (Seriously sick job on the logo.)
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, after roughly 8 months of toiling and obsessing over my designing, I can proudly present to you all my final playlist, Carnivore Carny. Carnivore Carny is a solo playlist, and it's chock-full of new ideas and puzzles that I'm sure will amaze (and potentially stump) even the most veteran of players. As for the playlist name, I found a newfound appreciation for Raccalopes over the course of this playlist's creation, and as such many of the levels feature them and force the player to interact with them in new and challenging ways. As such, the name Carnivore Carny only seemed fitting. So go ahead, give it a try, and see if you have what it takes to tackle the Carnivore Carny! I can't thank the Behemoth enough for making this awesome game, and the amazing experience I've had from playing it and designing in it, you all are the best. I can't wait to play your future games.
  9. Okay, so I just want to make this abundantly clear, Ghost you are freaking awesome. I really love the aesthetic of Grey Matter and I think the sight blocks are such a ridiculously cool idea. I'm a platformer nut, so I'd buy that in a heartbeat. ...And y'know, if you ever feel uninspired on a project, you could always send a certain someone whatever you used to make levels...
  10. It was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to draw something. So I decided to illustrate two things that shouldn't be together, dinosaurs and glow-sticks. Below is the result. Also sorry, no time-lapse yet, I don't have a camera for it currently! Party Til' You're Extinct:
  11. 8Bitten


    I played cricket a bit when I lived in Switzerland! I thought it was tons of fun, but I was never any good at it though.
  12. So my friend asked me to draw something stupid... I happily obliged. A Universal Truth:
  13. Now that Utah has finally warmed back up a bit I'll be able to get back out and draw more! Stay Weird:
  14. I'm a little late posting here, but I just wanted to say how nice it was that you all voted for me as forum artist of the year. I wasn't expecting it at all and I'm really humbled that you all seem to appreciate what I create. I'm looking forwards to continuing sharing my art here.