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  1. Thanks very nice got both heads in a Few Minutes
  2. Chicken and donut Gt spiondonut6698 Got the Heads thank you again
  3. I need both so i would do it on normal too
  4. I added you yesterday, i think im good and fast enough to get a++ Gt spiondonut6698 Solo normal 5 chapter with a++ Solo insane every chapter with a++ Coop i dont know just finished the normal mode with random guys
  5. Here add me gt is in my avatar
  6. I trade my cc ah winston and toast but only for the chicken
  7. im interested in chicken head and coop on insane GT ist Spiondonut6698, msg me if you want to play im german so its a bit hard with the different timezones but im a night owl too ... :3
  8. hm we both haven't got any gems but i can give you some of my heads, i will join too so you can give him the heads and i give you some of mine :ยง My Gamertag is Spiondonut6698
  9. ehm what do you want? maybe i can give him a bit stuff for both
  10. my brother want these but he is poor as a church mouse
  11. I want the Chicken Head and trade it for Winston and Toast GT: Spiondonut6698
  12. i dont like the toast i would trade it for chicken head