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  1. I for one can not wait for OST. Do you have a rough Idea on where and how they will be sold at the moment?
  2. When you think about it. Wouldn't just the normal and co-op play all be sorta Time Trails just they don't have the timer in them. And I think a restart button would be good. But maybe instead of it been the back button what if it was like pressing 2 buttons to restart. Like I'm sure it would be really annoying to be like right at the end of a level after trying for the last 3 hours to have your finger slip off the thumb stick and press the back button. It's a great Idea tho. I can see it been done. I would surport it.
  3. Hey thanks for this. Now can make Some funny Heads
  4. I'm getting the same Problem at the moment. Been trying to work out if it was just me or not.