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  1. Weeeeee! Any of u guys remember me?
  2. your banned for not welcoming me back!
  3. googles april fools. btw my april fools is im not real, i never was. i was a robot created for this exact moment in time.
  4. Durain does watever durain does and killz meh homes! I drop Roy-v-gigle
  5. Band cause I already told you
  6. No poop. If you want to do all that game-making crap, you better like math. If you didn't know it requires math, then you shouldn't be doing the job. I like math for the reason that it makes sense. You can use logic to solve it. It is solid information that will never change. 1 I don't have a job. 2 I'll like the testing things to see if they work and have things screw up in the funiest of ways more than I'll hate math.
  7. 4 months ago I realized "ima gonna hate" (Mario voice) the job I want, why? Programing games requires math, I hate math, overal I think it'll be worth it though.
  8. Banned for not referencing borderlands. (got bored of the obvious and boring ones)