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  1. I only have one head left, the Dad. It' very likely he'll be making a comeback soon due to fathers day but if someone would be willing to trade me it sooner I'd be ever so grateful. My GT is Mostiy H2O just shoot me a message if you're willing to trade it.
  2. The reason i no longer have lava lamp is because i traded it for hooshmand.
  3. I refer you to 0:43
  4. Name your price my friends.
  5. Hmm that strange it's only been a few days since i've played but it made me update it again for some reason. Oh well
  6. Anyone know what the latest update was for? I love seeing patchnotes for games but i don't think they posted them anywhere so if anyone knows i'd love to hear it!
  7. I've seen people offer 3000+ gems for Winston, you could have probably paid someone like 50 for Gerard. Pretty bad move on your part, in my opinion.
  8. no i said i'd trade anything besides specials but it's alright i found someone online who was willing to trade me.
  9. So i only usually go on this game every 2 weeks to do the furbottoms features and when i went on to get tiny monkey i realized i didnt have the lava lamp even though i had done the event for it. That is literally the only head i am missing and i am willing to trade anyone basically any amount of gems yarn or heads (excluding specials as i am trying to obtain every head) i can offer. If anyone would like to trade my GT is XReDeMPTion XiX, thanks in advance!
  10. Maybe there will be a series of underwater levels where you play as the man himself, hatty hattington, trying to return to all of his friendly friends. Being in a new environment means they could introduce some new hazards, and maybe new friends that hatty meets along his journey.
  11. Can't draw but a head with vegeta or gokus hair would be awesome especially if it was super saiyan!
  12. I;m on chapter 3 now, i imagine the frustration is soon to begin.
  13. If i can make a suggestion, i think that the option to map your favorite/most useful weapons to each direction on the d-pad should be added. It's annoying when the frog might be more useful than the grenade and you have to go through all your weapons to find the one you want. Also going through the menu in multiplayer basically guarantees you a loss.
  14. I'm having the same problem, i just submitted a ticket about it i'll let you know what they say.