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  1. I , along with plenty of other people, am sick of having someone in their game who goes into the gift shop and keeps going in until the host has to end the game. The host should be able to kick people.
  2. So is this donut! He/she/it is so adorable, I just want to eat him/her/that thing up! now if this isn't adorable then its fine because he really isn't Is he not adorable and very handsome?! Well, his face isn't visible
  3. I'm suprised more people didn't hack since the heads are already in the game data.
  4. It would be strange to have the ability to drop your head though
  5. if you've beaten the game on normal and insane, you can choose which trophy you want to wear
  6. short answer: yes long answer: I played castle crashers for a very long time and loved it. I got my green knight to lv72 and loved unlocking all the characters and seeing their magic. When I first saw BBT before it came out, I thought it would has all the sux. When it came out, I bought it just because it was a behemoth game. But then I played it and realized that in fact it had none of the sux, but instead all of the "WhoaMG this is so amazing I love it and I can't stop playing it it's too amazing oh no oh the pain please someone help me my hands are bleeding but it hurts so good!...s" and ive been playing it ever since.
  7. -A weapon that rather than being a weapon, it turns you into a lava block for like a second like armor lock from halo. While in lava block form or something similar, you aren't invulnerable. Like judo throw but the opposite. -An attack that charges and then shoots out short range lightning that looks like the red knight's magic splash attack and electrifies the opponent like lasers -A turtle shell that you retreat into for about a second, becoming invulnerable.
  8. And when too many people are cheesing nonstop, it becomes a problem for those who are lactose intolerant.
  9. it sounds like a cool idea and there should at least be some sort of tournament with 3 heads. top 1,000 get a head, top 500 get 2 heads and top 100 get all 3 heads. They shouldn't be as limited as top 10 though, and that's coming from someone in the top 10. The tournament could be in all arena game modes so that 800 people can get all 3 heads.
  10. But if we they release a fan and a boot head we know he was probably telling the truth.
  11. I've seen people do that a lot in muckle
  12. Lol Glide on the purple blocks, let go of glide (so you fall down) then double jump and then glide again. To make it all the way up! Don't forget first let go of glide before you press jump! Spoiler!! I'm sorry for the bad quality! o... wow Thanks for the help! I like the interesting ways you've used blocks that I've never been done before like this and the monkey bars inside the clouds