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  1. rose, alien, fatkid, fbi 1, fbi 2, rammy, girafe, castle crasher, barbarian, swampbro, duckshark, santa, winston, I see you, manbirth, groundhog, buckle your pants, furbottom, boot, toothbrush, blockateer, siren, mr bobbins, snail, wheels, cat control, hooshmand, snake, hatzilla, gerard, tiny monkey, behemoth chicken, tiny cyclops, donut, paul, sausage, half off, moose, the dad, meebs, stubby, steamroller victim 1, triple threat these are the star heads I have to offer. If it is in bold I will definitely trade it. If not in bold I still probably will. only looking for The King Troll
  2. gems aren't worth star heads as all you buy with them is normal heads and most are just weird... I did say or old star heads.
  3. I will add you today. don't worry my name is old too wish it didn't cost $20 just to change it gt: proudvegan23 and let me know what you want in exchange!
  4. as title says looking for steamroll victim #2 BOOM! jonny four troll the king could trade gems or possibly some of the earlier star heads considering I have doubles of a lot of them
  5. very creative!! I got stuck for the first time ever in one of these
  6. tried adding you, didn't work? I am on today if you still have an extra. thanks
  7. I am looking to get manbirth as I have missed it. Will trade whatever I can. Thanks!
  8. the jail breaker achievement is now working. I am just needing the too insane mode achievments. coop I am on chapt 2 solo I am on chapt 6
  9. the jail breaker achievement now works after the update I did today.
  10. willing to trade toast,ferbottom, rose, alien, castle crasher, 100 gems, or any other head I have for chicken
  11. I agree, thank you! Free stuff is always nice
  12. no, it doesn't work currently. I have every head in the game and still no achievement
  13. Most definitely getting it. Already have it reserved.
  14. I would trade you the donut head for far less than 700 gems, if you are interested my gamertag is proudvegan23
  15. Global Ranking top 100 unlock all prisoners including stars create a fun level
  16. Circle: Top hat and mustache Square: octopus Triangle: chef Rectangle: Winter hat Star: Alien
  17. any of you have an extra winston head you would trade?