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  1. Kingdom of loathing. i got addicted to that game. also, borderlands. leveling up multiple players to 64.. and blackops ..
  2. ok, i just was going to make a topic for bbt of ps3. i dont feel like reading all these pages of it, so... Dan Paladin, i lived in a tunnel with you for a couple of years. now you must tell me that BBT will be for ps3. not a year after xbox please. if it is in 2013, i understand. but im telling you this game looks really fun to play and i wanna play it bad. making it for the ps3 will give you alot of money. Trust me. My xbox 360 is broken, and im not reparing it for like 50 bucks because i wont play it, i bought a ps3, got CC right away, then bought another 1000 games. yes, 1000. JUST PLEASE MAKE IT FOR PS3 I WILL LOVE YOU, I WILL HUG YOU, I WILL DO ANYTHING!!!
  4. I pick it up and in amazment, i slap someone in the face with it. i slapped a terroist so i died a trashic death. I drop a flower that you cant choke on.
  5. I've seen a black hummer, he looked "middle aged" and had a white beard. Legit, he was staring at me though like weirdly... that happend a couple months ago
  6. smile faces give sexulity to the sentence you know- as in, im gonna put you in a wheelchair. and, im gonna put you in a wheelchair
  7. Call of duty black ops 2 is coming out in 2012-2013. so you cant just predict stuff like that, you'll go to jailio! we've discussed the release date, remember i live in a tunnel with danp, he told me everything.
  8. Ok guys, lets change the topic. What would happen if i stole the behomoth chick plushie?
  9. Because you ate a troll for dinner. this question could not be awnsered, why?
  10. well, i dont see anyone play the alien,
  11. Oh wow you're right. This is by far, the biggest topic on the forums. Yep, because I can post things like this: If Obama is against gays, I'm against blacks. (I'm straight, btw.) As a Redguard, I am strongly offended by this. werent the redguards wiped out by the argonians? because us wood elves tell tales of dragons. and argonians do count as dragons..
  12. OH YOU LITTLE if scarabix is against members with less then 1000 post, then im against members with more then 1728 post!
  13. This topic now has 1400 pages. congrats! And im having kraft dinner. (KD). Conrgrats!
  14. Yep, i know alot of secrets about battleblock theater now. He told me everything Anyways, i have more muscle then that... and in Grand Theft Auto i can get 6 stars. haha.