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  1. I will pay 100 gems per 21 yarn. Gt is oO vapor Oo
  2. I don't trust you and James. Sounds like a sketchy fella to me.
  3. Its in low Res as well. Looks like a screen capture from a long while ago and they took some funny moments and chopped em together. Doesent bug mme a bit. I love watching them.push eachother iinto spikes and water
  4. Hackers aren't on this game xD unshippedhalo has ran a macro for a few weeks. the gem hack does nnot work for the leaderboard gem count... challenge mode ftw
  5. Top ten is too lazy!!! Get on your gem farm game bz's Cuz vapors in town! I don't need head from no one to know I am on top err *a head
  6. work the court with fast breaks and passing. Ten points per goal with a pass. In the meantime I'm working on new ball game maps that don't have a goal tending problem.
  7. Yeah right! ..............I don't believe you!! I only talk about your part of 1000 gems within a hour (not if he is a hacker or not) I was 5 (I think now 6) on the leaderboards, 1000 gems / 60 minutes = 16,66 gems a minute. Or otherwise 60 minutes / 2 minutes of ballgame = 30 games a hour with the limit of 5 gems possible to obtain per game it's still only 150 gems (and then you always need to win and always need to be MVP, also i did not count the loading time between games) even when you do only solo challenge level 12 it takes (at least) 22 seconds to finish it for 4 gems so 10,8 gems a minutes is really the limit. So if you think 1000 gems are possible within a hour.........oke let's do a bet for some exclusive heads!!! otherwise.... please do not give people false hope! your 9th now but anyways EVEN IF YOU FINISH that certain level in 22 seconds. There's no way the lazers will align for the next run to make it 22 seconds naddamean my mad muffin. BTW solo challenge is more dedication than boosting or hacking to any doubters.
  8. Sidebasketing is no longer viable... let the 7-0 games begin! Noob mentality now; get the ball from start, score. You fan camp the basket and ill throw nades off the fans from the basket!
  9. GM Hydra was who I played last night at 2 am Pacific time. It was me hosting then GM Hydra and some noob joined. The noob stood on his own basket with a fan, I had to sidebasket. GM Hydra would ONLY sidebasket even in a 2v1 situation where he is winning by multitudes of points. He will still strive to sidebasket. This is frustrating as hell when I cant even get a team mate. To fix this the baskets should act as a button. All maps have a block on the side of each basket. Preventing sidebaskets while this block is in place. When standing on a basket the block will turn into a cloud exposing the side for a nice controlled side basket! This is the most logical fix?! Who agrees?
  10. Haha your time should be that good! Mr 21k gems