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  1. lol yea, whenever I show some friends some vids on CC they all say "pfff, 2d and besides, TFU kicks more balloon" ... I thought I'd have them interested enough to come over and crash all night long even got myself some crates of beer to go with ^^ but nooo... so, if anyone wants to coop, just add me, my name is my gamertag
  2. I also live in gmt+1, last time the market updated I think it was around 8 or 9. I remember last time, when something interesting came out, waking up at 7 and I didn't have anything to download yet. So my guess will b e 8-9 am for gmt+1 ^^ you can correct me if I'm wrong btw... all I have to say is, I'm downloading it as soon as it's available ^^ Off-Topic: I smell fish ^^
  3. sweet, on second thought, I think the peasant will be my fave ^^
  4. Hey dudes, good to see there are people interested in CC. In my environment not many people are. My favourite character would be the periwinkle knight. Can't wait to play xD. edit:Btw my name's Lonnie