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  1. So i was just playing online with people on castle crashers and whenever i see a player that has all level 99 characters with golden skull with hacked money and over 200 bombs and potions, its not gonna be fun for me and the other players. This just annoys me every time when i see a player not doing the game legit. Ive come across 2-3 modders everyday and there just there to show off there characters and money when most of them have no skill at the game. I would just file complaint and forget about the modder.
  2. Well thats why because he always boomerangs me and knocks the ball away from me
  3. All I can really do is Dunk and Hit. No i did not just get the game. been playing Ball game 24/7. I just need tips avoiding players who weapon spam. Greneade spam, Boomerang spam, Frog spam. It just gets annoying who just weapon spam all the time and I really don't use a weapon except my fists. They stand on the goal and then start weapon spamming me or my teammate.
  4. A++ Every level (Normal and Insane, Both solo and Co-op) Get to top 100 in Global rank (around 110, so close yet so many gems to spare) Complete my one last achievement (Insane Co-op) Becoming a little better at ball game (Tips or advice would be nice and helpful) Waiting for Several months just for the remaining star heads.
  5. I vote that there should be a really rare head or hard to unlock. Such as being the top 100 in the leaderboards in any type of game mode or beating an Almost Impossible level. That way no noob can wear such a exclusive or rare head.
  6. Can i submit for my friend? He wants the Winston. his GT: Sgt Reznov345
  7. You know what? Some of you guys are immature, Contest closed :/
  8. Well, it's not fun when hundreds of people asking you for heads. I did a givaway in castle crashers and end up with bagillons of people asking for it. And they still ask me today.
  9. So, you did every furbottoms feature with multiple accounts once?
  10. Is he hacking? Mutiple accounts with star heads? Scams?
  11. Do you have more than one of each in stock? If you did... how?
  12. Here's a link to all the prisoners. Just look at the triangle catagory
  13. Please make golden whale or Behemoth chicken plush and sell it!
  14. A++ will take me like a week to do it. first 2 chapters i can ace quickly but after those im dead