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  1. Hmm, I guess that's good enough for me. Thanks for the response Ryan. And kickinthehead, I'll probably add the block limit info to the BBTheater wiki at some point soon (good idea btw).
  2. Updated the original post with a list showing the limit for every block in the level editor. I have too much time on my hands... Anyway, I'd still also like to see a Behemoth Dev pop in here and give an answer as to why there are limits on some of these blocks (there obviously needs to be a limit on strawberry blocks and such but why spike/cloud/laser/etc blocks?). If it can't be changed in a future update, then oh well but if it can and there's no reason not to, why not?
  3. The only other blocks that cause instant death when touched are the water blocks and saw blocks, and neither of those can be placed sideways (the water ones for obvious reasons but why not the saws? sadface). Without other insta-kill blocks that can be placed sideways, I can't make this level. Also, while it would be incredibly challenging to play, it'd still be fun to make it and have such a well known Super Meat Boy level in the game. See it for yourself (first stage):
  4. I (for some reason) decided to take note of all the different limits for every block in the level editor. This could help people plan out their levels without running into block limits halfway through. The block names are just something I came up with based on appearance. * = Can replace border of map 1 Generic Blocks - Unlimited* Cloud Blocks - 128 (Limit shared with Arrow/Bush/Bird Blocks) Rubber Blocks - Unlimited* Ice Blocks - Unlimited* Slime Blocks - Unlimited* Floating Guy Blocks - 16 Decoy Blocks - Unlimited Arrow Blocks - 128 Bush Blocks - 128 2 Water Blocks - Unlimited Spike Blocks - 64 Laser Blocks - 64 Exploding Blocks - Unlimited Teleporter Blocks - Unlimited Treadmill Blocks - Unlimited Moving Blocks - Unlimited Catapult Blocks - 16 3 Pipe Blocks - Unlimited Bridge Blocks - 32 Portable Blocks - Unlimited Button Blocks - Unlimited Caution Blocks - Unlimited Rising Platform Blocks - 32 (Limit shared with Rising Caution Platform) Rising Caution Platform Blocks - 32 Puzzle Blocks - Unlimited Fan Blocks - 32 4 Cat Blocks - 32 (Limit shared with Mine Cat/Toaster/Rocketman/Saw Blocks) Mine Cat Blocks - 32 Toaster Blocks - 32 Rocketman Blocks - 32 Beast Blocks - 16 Cat UFO Blocks - 4 Saw Blocks - 32 Cannon Blocks - 48 5 Horse Blocks - 16 Rock Blocks - 32 Boat Blocks - 16 Bird Blocks - 16 Wing Blocks - 16 Pink Flying Eyeball Blocks - 16 (what the heck are these things? haha) Warning Sign Blocks - 16 6 Strawberry Blocks - 7 (Limit shared with Strawberry Cat/Decoy Blocks) Strawberry Cat Blocks - 7 Strawberry Decoy Blocks - 7 Pie Blocks - 1 Starting Gate Blocks - 1 Checkpoint Blocks - 15 Exit Blocks - 4 7 Number Blocks - Unlimited King of the Hill Blocks - 32 Ball Dispenser Blocks - 2 Basketball Hoop Blocks - 16 Capture the Horse Blocks - 8 Secret Level Blocks - Unlimited If enough people care (and I'm not too lazy), I could make this fancier with images of each block or something. Actually, it'd be sweet if there were a counter on each block in-game letting you know how many you could use (or have used). Original Post:
  5. Banned for making generic posts so I can lift these new user restrictions in order to create a new topic. How funny would that be?
  6. I'm listening to the sweet sounds of the BBT background music while I look for 5 threads to post in so I can create a topic. That and BTBAM.
  7. I'd vote, but apparently I can't even do that until I post 5 times. Anyway, 21 here.
  8. Confury: The "Con" is actually an acronym taken from the game Champions of Norrath, although it fits with my middle name being Connor as well. "Fury" is just me adding a cool sounding word to the end of Con. So yeah, Confury. Been using it for years. Nice and original too so no need for numbers as it's not taken on any site I've been to so far.
  9. Uhm, hi. Just posting to say that BBT is hilariously fun and I wish I didn't have to post 5 times to create a new topic. But alas, I must.