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  1. well i felt like posting here after a WHO KNOWS HOW LONG HIATUS. if i remember correctly, ground ice magic is 4x correct? its used twice and done. with blue knights x,x,x,y, you can spam it forever. i just wanted to say that its debatable whether or not eskimo's x,x,x,y is better due to his lack of freezing abilities
  2. thats cool, i will be looking forward to it and the debates that follow! "omg green knight looks so cool put him number one!" "no rk pwns your noobie little green turd stfu and gtfo! " " "
  3. actually i disagree on the magic and defense being upgraded first, since most of the time this game is based around juggles, i would say melee and defense, but in the end it all boils down to preference
  4. actually its not, you could find a fault and we could discuss, but if you dont want to then yeah its pretty pointless
  5. actually, the tier list is not pointless because 1. it allows me to voice my opinion and 2. would you like to have a character with good or bad magic? i realize that opinions vary, so really i just wanted to make my opinion known so i can have discussions. now, as to PeasantPenguin, if you want to make a list based on looks, take a stab at it, and this game is all about opinion so it doesnt matter if its based on opinion, mine is
  6. i agree with everything you just said, and i would like to hold that against him, but i already know how that ticks players off but i can still say his average RTB costs x4! but since there are trolls out there, i just gotta be like "well he has a good RTY at least despite his horrid RTB..."
  7. actually feedle i was hoping to get the attention of some of the better players, to maybe have a discussion, so i will dissect your post and answer to all of your concerns, so i will start at the green knight part of your post... i really do admire that you took the time to figure out how to juggle with the green knight, and he can even do the slow infinite juggle, however, there are other characters out there with great magic and can use ALL of the juggles, and since green knight cant do YYX i thought that ruined him since thats my favorite juggle, but you have certainly provided enough evidence to move him up, thank you as for the comment about mine being the same as fenix's... its not, there similarities sure, but theres similarities in a lot of lists, right? arrow guys have worst magic IMO, (besides iceskimo, seriously who pays X4 for a bullet RTB?!) mainly because of the pause in between casting maybe im a little hard on iceskimo for his pretty gimp RTB/air RTY, because i must admit, he has a good ground RTY... i'll work on rearranging him, if i ever have spare time at the end of your post you sounded like i offended you somehow? idk i just thought i would throw that in there because i was curious... if you have anymore concerns, to you or anyone else reading this, please leave a comment! im here for good, clean, open debates. thanks!
  8. well, ninjas range is gimp, however if you can coop well, like i said, yes he can be very destructive, and as for green knight, i changed him
  9. one of the two times you must walk through the portal, preferably the first time
  10. you sir, earned yourself a golf clap... but really great job and congratulations
  11. i lol'd anyway, what makes you think you need the key or beholder to get the insane trophy? sure if you were talking about animal handler, but we werent, so... why? WHY?
  12. alright then... just ignore that i dont want that to ruin any discussions we could have, thanks!