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  1. Powdered ToastMAN!

  2. Dag Nabbit, A little late for this one, but there are some really awesome ideas in there though! Banana Peel, was pretty cool Hockey Stick instead of a Tennis Racket, a Goalie Hockey Stick They just look menacing when held like a baseball bat Water Gun or Water Hose was a really good idea, maybe since they're cats you could have them run in the opposite direction of which you sprayed them, crying and shielding their eyes where they could perhaps run into spikes, or any hazardous object A Laser Pointer, more of a distraction, again point it towards some spikes or water and have at it A Big Old Dog, with a leash and he would act like the Raccalope combined with the Horse. Meaning that when he takes off running you're being pulled, so you could cross objects in a similar manner as the horse just sill-E-R, plus he'll eat the cats on the way, more of a tool with weapon elements Trashcan Lid to be used as a Shield, to bash enemies, and protect you from Lasers, use this Tin Can Lid in any and all directions, is that a laser underneath you? Not anymore, now its your own elevating platform(just an example) Catnip was really funny Sticky Gun/Goo idea is Really cool, Sandbags from inside the Theater falling, again not really a weapon just a thought