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  1. seriously don't trash talk battleblock they came up with a great idea made amazing heads and if you don't like them that is your opinion but i feel 98% of the heads are great (this is an opinion) and has absolutely nothing to do with courage just like yours, btw courage while behind a computer screen is nonexistent. also obviously it is good enough if they have enough people who like it to have forums where people go crazy trying to get star heads that they love.
  2. 18 - 17 = 1 1 - 17 = -16 -16 * 0 = 0 0 + (4^2) = 16 sorry but thanks for making me feel self-concious for my math trying to have a summer then im like wait 64/4 is 16... right?
  3. ok problem i jumped into invisible blocks on the last finale co-op and it jumps to famous screen then it gives us grade then it said we havent completed it we already went back and did it but i just though that was weird
  4. if you want friend me and i can beat co-op with you so you can get the head GT: SelectedPoppy9
  5. going back a while you cant do a timelock what about people like me who want to help out friends by giving them gems/yarn and people who are just showing heads to friends
  6. who else is happy we just crossed the 1/4 mark 17 star heads down 47 to go
  7. he's saying since you can't trade more then 100 gems the guy probably said you give me 200 and on the third trade i give you the head for 100, but still you should have made sure he gives it to you on the 100 first one then trade 200 more
  8. i had posted about this before and it happened again i beat furbottom's co-op with my friend, i already beat solo, but they can't so when i beat it he didn't get the head, and i remembered you had said they just need to beat 1 solo level then and he did and still nothing what can he do?
  9. Do you really want to risk it? I, for one, would not hesitate to report someone who had heads they weren't supposed to. I doubt you would get in trouble to be honest if you had like 1 unreleased head as I'm sure they must have data stored somewhere regarding trades and so on most companies track loads of random bits of data well then what if someone hacked with guest then traded to main, would they be innocent?
  10. yeah i have started using what the f.f.fart. also i love the they were sick of his bull.. b.. nonsense
  11. probably hacker who got the heads early
  12. my favorite is it was as if poseidon himself had extended his hand in friendship and they had spat on it.