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  1. i need the 2x4 weapon
  2. the slimes in the caves for sure i hate them so much they take some long on insane i could rip my hair out
  3. yeah i like my lvl 99 i dont need the extra potion thing playing with a lvl 99 is too easy lol
  4. it was the gariffe but now its the golden whale
  5. yeah and i need the 2x4 sword i have everything elce haha
  6. i like the red knights magic but i think the blacksmith looks pretty cool, also the ninja and the white bear with the bloody mouth are my favs.
  7. i beat insane with my red knight and a few friends, im down to help anyone if the need it
  8. Bake420

    Sword Trade

    i have every weapon but the 2x4 i can trade any weapon you want for the 2x4 msg me on here or on xbox live mt gamertag is xKIAxB4K3xOGx
  9. i can trade the rubber handled sword for the 2x4 thats the only thing in the game i dont have
  10. im looking for the 2x4 sword on xbox 360 my gt is xKIAxB4K3xOGx
  11. Bake420

    Xbox Insane Mode

    i have beat this game once on insane with the red knight if anyone wants help or just want to play through im down gt is xKIAxB4K3xOGx
  12. Looking for the 2x4 sword for Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 mt GT is xKIAxB4K3xOGx

  13. if anyone has the 2x4 for xbox 360 my gamertag is xKIAxB4K3xOGx i can trade any weapon for it.
  14. that is where the "2x4" sword goes, and im trying to get it now, you can only get it through trading it.
  15. i am also looking for the 2x4 sword my gt is xKIAxB4K3xOGx i can trade any weapon or help you beat the game normal or on insane