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  1. Man this sucks. I've been good about getting every head and now I've missed one. I liked Behemoth and BBT on Facebook just so i can keep up with their updates on new head releases but I never saw one for Hooshmand. Damn!
  2. In the beginning area where you see all your heads and weapons, there is a little square with different colored lights. After you complete achievements more and more of them light up. I just finished unlocking all the achievements and one of them is still not lit up, (the top left one). I've read the entire wiki and could not find any info regarding this. My Theory is that it lights up if you A++ every level on normal, insane, co-op normal and co-op insane. Can anybody confirm this? Is there another method to unlocking that last one? Thanks.
  3. Great! thanks guys I'll send you friend requests next time i get online tomorrow. Saturnbud - Its cool man, as long as you have the patience to not quit after a few deaths then we are golden. If other people want to join in feel free to comment. I will replay completed levels to help you out as well. I'm also down to play the other multiplayer modes as well if anybody needs a partner, and I still play Castle Crashers still, for anyone who wants to play. I wanna level up my Hatty.
  4. Hi. I'm looking for a partner that is interested in playing insane co-op. I'm working on getting this last acheivement and playing with randoms in matchmaking is frustrating because they all quit or don't understand the basic team work fundamentals. I don't mean to sound nitpicky but I would prefer someone who has already beaten insane solo, and co-op on normal. This is because I want to team with someone who is familiar with all the team based puzzles in the later levels and used to the unforgiving challenge of insane. I will still partner with you if you haven't done the above, but I would say you need to at least have a mic so we can communicate. If you are interested please post here or send me a friend request on XBL. Gamertag: J0HNNY NUMBER 5
  5. I have to work during the time of the live stream. Do these get uploaded to YouTube or this site at a later time for re-watching?
  6. Perfect! I had some assumptions but you cleared that up nicely. Thanks.
  7. I would like to see more Info regarding the golden hats. Are they always in the same spot? Can you replay the level to get it of you died the first time? Etc..
  8. I'm looking to team up with someone on Insane Co-op. I usually play Thursday - Sunday after 7:00 EST. if you are interested send me an invite or post your Gamertag in reply to this. Mine is J0HNNY NUMBER 5
  9. Pac Man is my favorite character hence the name. My XBL Gamertag is Johnny Number 5. Which is a reference to the Short Circuit movies.
  10. Hey. New member here looking for Battleblock buddies to play with. Also posting so that I can get the 5 approved posts.
  11. This may be a long shot especially since nobody wants to trade it out, but I'm looking to get the Behemoth Chicken as well. I have a majority of the heads, but if that's not good enough I have 1200 Microsoft points (gift card) that I'd be willing to trade.