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  1. Does anyone know, that includes you as well Behemoth , when this achievement will work, as this is the one achievement that I'm missing.
  2. I've unlocked 131 prisoners from the gift shop, but I haven't got the Jail Breaker achievement. Should I keep buying prisoners until I have them all to see if it unlocks? I have all the circle heads and all the square heads.
  3. I wish I could headbutt, I'm only a little guy. LOL.
  4. I've had anger management classes, don't think they've helped. Think I should have joined the army, that may have helped in the long run, but there's too many people that rely on me here in Britain for support and friendship...and my money .
  5. My first goal is not to smash another flatscreen in a fit of game rage, (I threw my 360 controller at my flatscreen in a game rage whilst playing Assassin's Creed 3 on my pc, £160 straight down the toilet, luckily I had a spare hooked up to the tv in the other room.) Second goal is to get complete my part way Solo and Solo Insane. Third goal is to finish Co-Op Insane mode. Fourth and final goal is to get the final 7 achievements I need for all 30 to have been collected. That said Insane mode is resurrecting my anger issues, I find myself acting like Happy Gilmore, and screaming things at the tv. If i don't calm down I think my neighbours will have me sectioned. LOL.
  6. Part way through Solo and Solo Insane. I've completed the Co-Op Mode, just looking for anyone who wants help me complete insane, as I've yet to start and complete it. I live in the UK so I accommodate the time difference well, as I hardly sleep anyway. My gamertag is ToraxOutlaw, if you do add me please say that you're from the forum and I'll add you, had too many weirdo's add me. Looking forward to many rage moments with my new friends throughout the completeion of insane co-op mode.
  7. Want people to play Insane mode with.

  8. I'm looking for the chicken and purrham heads. If anyone interested in trading please let me know.