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  1. I think there is a reason why this game is rated T for teen. So little people like that kid and all the other people I meet online can be restricted from yelling at the mic like they are yelling across the house just to get a head and maybe think that getting all star heads gets you god mode or a secret achivement. Sometimes I just want to destroy the faces of the squeakers who think they are better, the squeakers who dont know better and try to act better, or just squeaky little people in general. Well, Online is not rated, so yeah, but that would be a PERFECT reason for the game to be rated T, BECAUSE THIS GAME IS NOT THAT BAD. HOW DID IT GET VIOLECE AND NOT CARTOON VIOLENCE ?
  2. Mother of god...... why in the world did he trade you for that? (even though he is a 1st grader)
  3. You awake in a field by a blue haired man, his sister lissa, and his friend fredrick. you can't spin until you get the refrence. I spin.
  4. Maybe he kid bought it in a rip off pack at a dollar store, but it's a really nice rip off. True but it looks so professional, it has the correct copyright, illustrator's name, everything. Also by the way, the first attack was Rear Guard and it protected Vullaby from 30 damage(like it needs it) on the opponent's turn. edit: This is the most popular thread I've made. Now watch your thread fade away onto the second page, where it will never be necrobumped Mwahahaha *BUMP* Anywhatsit, Can you give us a pic?
  5. Fire emblem. AWAKENING SHALL BE MINE JULY 12TH!!!!!!! (EDIT: persona 4 is my new fav... BUT I STILL MUST HAS AWAKENING!!!!!!)
  6. (Back) OH CRAP!!! I shoot out a few blots of lightning
  7. Im having more sleepless nights. I grab something (Dont ask what) out of my bag and hug it before going to bed.
  8. You land on blindness Im gonna call you terezi. I spin with a pretty good feeling.
  9. All your 32s are belong to us.
  10. I got the history books. The section, i mean.