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  1. Do people seriously not understand that when someone trades a star head away, it's gone? Especially in cases like the CC and Alien Homonid heads, where they are gone forever. It seems like over 3/4 of the co-op/arena games I play, the other player(s) run directly to the gift shop, and beg me for my star heads, often quitting the moment I refuse to give them away. Also, why do people believe that gems, ANY amount of gems, is worth a star head? The only real value gems have is for non-star heads. Once you have them all, gems are worthless outside of fuelling your generosity. So I was wondering what your opinion on this is. Are the players to blame for being ignorant and/or selfish, greedy little rainbows? or is Behemoth to blame, for putting little to no explanation in-game?
  2. You should not be so quick to judge people. There's a slew of insulting things I could say about you, based solely on your complete lack of elementary school-taught grammar, but I won't. You've never met me, you've never spoken to me, you just decided to insult me based on one single post on one single forum of the internet. Aside from this specific post, I really am a nice guy. I honestly compliment people on their skill, even if I beat them. I always let people take golden hats, because I don't need gems anymore. Even if I pick it up by accident, I'll kill myself away from water so they can have it. I replay co-op levels that i've beaten with an A+ just because my partner needs that level as well. I'm trying to boost the challenge mode population. I'm sorry I seem like an balloon to you, I just wanted my challenge to run smoothly. The rules were set as such in an attempt to cut down on the spam and freeloaders. It seemed necessary, considering that most of the people I play with run straight to the gift shop, and beg me for star heads that I won't be able to get back, quitting as soon as I say no. Also, I thought this challenge would be way more popular, and I didn't want to have to deal with a slew of people inviting me to games when I would need to focus my attention on battleblock. In short, I had to set strict rules (or as you refer to it, "seem like an balloon"), so that people don't act like an balloon towards the one guy running an unsponsored event, with prizes, all by himself
  3. Greetings one and all! I simply love challenge mode, and am always looking for some fierce competition. The problem is, rarely ever do I find it, often waiting hours for a ranked match. Also, I'm a super nice guy. So in an effort to expand the Challenge community, and feed my itching desire to give stuff away, I am posting an open challenge until the end of June. If you can score a faster time than me on ANY ONE of the 15 standard Solo Challenge levels, I will give you 3 NON-SPECIAL heads, completely free. As a consolation prize, if you play the ENTIRE set of 15 levels without winning, and without rage-quitting, I will still give you 1 non-special head. I have every single head that can be obtained with gems, and enough gems to repurchase any that I trade away, so you will always have the full range of choices EXCEPT for heads in the "star" category. I should warn you though... I'm pretty fast. How to enter the challenge: Send me a friend request on Xbox Live. (Gamertag = DeliciousPack) Start a game of Solo Challenge mode with one private slot. Invite me to your game. Be patient. I may already be in a game, or I may be out of the room, but I WILL get to your game as soon as possible. I am usually online from anywhere around 3PM to well past midnight (EST) Rules: These are just a few basic rules to ensure everything runs smoothly. 1: NEVER, under ANY circumstance will I trade you a special head / star head, whatever you want to call them. Begging me for any of mine will only make me want to block you. No, you aren't a special exemption to the rules, and I don't care what you offer in exchange. 2: You can only claim a victory prize once per gamertag. However, you may challenge me as many times as you like. The point of this whole thing is to expand the Challenge mode community, not so I can slowly buy all your heads for you. 3: No cheating/hacking. I haven't run into any issues with these, so i'm not even sure if there are hacks for this game that allow you to do things like run faster, jump higher, walk through lethal hazards unscathed, etc. But if I see any of it, the game will end immediately, and your gamertag will be blocked. I do understand that due to some latency issues, it may sometimes LOOK as tho a player can just walk though lasers and such, so you don't nee to worry about that. I will only block you if I am 120% certain that you are cheating. 3a: Anything that can be done WITHOUT altering the game in any way, including (but not limited to) using weapons to overcome otherwise time-consuming obstacles, checkpoint skipping/tactical death, etc. is still allowed. 4: No, I don't want to play Castle Crashers, Call of Duty, Minecraft, or any other game with you. Not even other arena modes or co-op story mode. Our Xbox live "friendship" only goes as far as this specific challenge. Failure to understand that will result in being blocked. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or deep-seeded confessions, post 'em on up
  4. DeliciousPack (you can thank the random name generator for that one) I love challenge mode. Solo or Co-op, doesn't matter. I warn you though, I'm pretty fast. (NO SHE DID NOT SAY THAT!!!)
  5. It was my birthday, I got heavily innebriated before signing up for xbox live. Couldn't think of a gamertag, so I let Microsoft's random name generator do its magoc, and it produced a wonderful little gem called DeliciousPack. My impared judgement led me quickly from "lolwut" to "FK YEAH!". And so it was, and forever shall be,
  6. I like the idea of a whip, but I think it should work like when you throw someone, except from a few blocks away so you "throw" them over your head. It would be in the same class of weapon as the fan and the vacuum. good for pushing people around, but no real level-solving ability. Also, I had an idea for a Decoy. It spawns a clone of you that stands there in idle animation. lasts for a few seconds, or until damaged. draws the attention of cats, and can hold down buttons. i'm unsure about if it should explode on death, or kill the person who attacks it somehow. Maybe, what do you think?
  7. Hello, I'm Delicious, a.k.a The Lovable Hermit. I've been a fan since way back when Alien Homonid was just a flash game, which was like... 40 years ago (trust me, I asked wikipedia). Anywho, just here to greet all you beautiful* people, and get my "prove you're human" posts out of the way. I intend to post a rather benefactorial(...?) challenge in the coming days, so stay tuned, and practice your solo challenge mode skills if you want in on some free heads. That's right, heads. For free. *actual beauty may vary