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  1. Since I've gotten every character, done everything in the game, Gems are easy to get. Multiplayer yadah yadah... But you can't really come across yarn too much anymore so...
  2. GT: NotByA Longshot Simple, I buy all yarn, 1 gem a yarn, 25 gems 21 yarn.
  3. That's honestly a terrible trade :/ .
  4. I just don't like people who host matches only to trade -__-. Nothing like that though, sorry.
  5. I can help, I have gold trophy Co-op and Silver Co-op GT: NotByA Longshot
  6. I never thought I'd rage at such a fun game as BBT. Its just SUPER annoying when you spam your melee attacks and watch them go threw your enemies. I get hit if their arms ever come in contact with my character.