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  1. I just usually ignore them or just don't even attempt to trade. Heck I help people get star heads by helping them beat new fur bottoms features.
  2. My favorite normal head is the circle head looking backwards. His face is just hilarious.
  3. I've always noticed that I keep getting a lot of yarn. I've got all the weapons, and even traded yarn to players who don't have it. (I've traded all my yarn away once, and I still have alot.) Are there plans in the future for yarn or do we just keep stacking them up?
  4. Dyno

    Worth It?

    I'm my opinion I wouldn't risk loosing it, it's like an achievement for me.
  5. Is it possible to play 4 player co op story mode? I thought you could only use 2 players.
  6. Dyno

    Worth It?

    Whenever I play using any of my star head characters, everyone wants them. I've seen offers on the chicken head for over 500 gems! Do you think trading away any of the star heads is worth it?
  7. THEY ARE LURKING HARD! Or hardly lurking SEE?! But yeah no mistake you always find cats.
  8. Can't get past a single level without dying so I could never do that.
  9. Donut head prisoner. Shut up and take my money!
  10. Based of my old user name when I was a little kid dynolover. I also go by Nemesis ( Greek goddess of revenge)
  11. I suggest Happy wars. It's a free game that's based on teamwork. (Although it seems those who played longer/bought gear seem to have a slight advantage.)