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  1. I feel you man The thing is it wouldn't be that much of a problem if it just happened to everyone but like you said; others always barerly hit me and I get mowed to the ground...
  2. Honestly every little thing he says xD but I really like these: "Even the word 'hopeless' has 'hope' in it! and if you rearange the letters, it spells 'peeslosh'!" ''... Put your big girl panties on, everybody has problems''
  3. Yeah same to me I mostly play ball game and it's really annoying.. hence the thread ;p
  4. I don't know if it's meant for me but if so then Yes, Still looking for one tho
  5. Hey guys, I don't know if it's connection problems but most of the time my air smash doesn't land even tho I'm sure I'm hitting the enemies.. BattleBlock Theater
  6. I know, and I did. But I couldn't back then, still needed Staff's permission
  7. Still looking for Winston. Willing to give gems or you can choose between these heads: Doughnut,Toast, Alien, Castle Crasher, Big Head(Furbottom?). Basically any other star head except for Chicken. GT: iG Vaporize
  8. "Winston, chicken, and dog". Winston is the dog head Yeah I know now sorry, didn't know it back then
  9. I'm looking for chicken and winston, any amount of gems your call GT: iG Vaporize
  10. Do you even know what spamming is..? I just posted this once.
  11. Hey I'm looking for star heads;Chicken and Winston. Offering Gems you say the amount of gems Or any other starhead GT: iG Vaporize [Move to trade topic plz]