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  1. If it's not against any rules I'd be willing to dedicate a full month to people needing help with purple bar/achievements in exchange for xbox gold membership
  2. Nyahaha. I'm glad I was just famous enough to get noticed when it was important to me but when I didn't care any more I fell out of the scene.
  3. This is actually a fantastic idea. You can do most of the co-op levels Solo utilizing the Acid Bubble/Dart but this sure beats waiting around for a capable teammate. From what i recall theres only one or two levels where you must move the second controller. The levels where you need to on stand a switch you can usually throw out a frog to keep the block open long enough to slide through with perfect timing.
  4. I suggest doing it on your own if you're good enough. It saves soooo much time and frustration to just do it with a second controller plugged in. or even someone that wants the a++ have them stand at the start of the map. That's what I did and that's how I helped people too. lol
  5. As for a special trophy, I've always REALLY hoped that people with purple lightning would get their very own star head. Maybe outside the normal 64 because it would be far too difficult for most people to achieve.
  6. hi In all likeliness I was the second person to get purple lightning as I've been calling it. Crimson Carmine was the first; We worked on it together actually. And I helped maybe 3 other people get it too in exchange for rare star heads back in May. For those of you that don't know me I'm the one that came up with most of the speed running tricks for challenge mode. To date I have every star head except for Johnny Four. My highest rating in global was 10th and then I stopped playing to pursue other games.
  7. \ In challenge it's just beat the clock and time and stuffs owo send me an invite some time
  8. Win 100 gems in BattleBlock every time you beat me in a challenge. Must play through all 15 levels to earn them. Beat me in best of 15 and win a star head of your choice!
  9. I'd trade it to you if you actually had 3500 gems. Mate I have about 6k now! If you're selling still I'd like to help my friend get it.
  10. I'm upping my offer for Winston. I'm at around 3500 gems now. Pm me if you're willing to sell. -"DarkBugz"
  11. I'm buying Winston head! I have 1500 gems available of course I can't give away all of them for it but message me on xbox and we'll see if we can work something out -DarkBugz