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  1. They need to make a "Trading" playlist where everyone spawns in the giftshop and you cannot leave.... seriously thats all they need to do.
  2. Are you still giving away heads from your old thread~? i would really like a winston ;]
  3. i have all heads apart from winston and im willing to trade anything for winston.
  4. Are you coming back on the 9th also whats your gamertag so i can save you some time.
  5. 6Pm GMT ill be on right at that time if i could sneak in your lobby for a winston.
  6. What time zone is he is it west coast, i was sooo close to catching him before i went to sleep D:
  7. Right i have to sleep have a good vacation cya!
  8. let me know on the forum if you do manage to get back on