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  1. Hey, there is no rule against coming back after having been banned, I checked
  2. You could read the forum up until this point, Comp0's posts were deleted but you can still get the full story
  3. Aren't you from the past, or the future? That depends, do you remeber me as some guy that got banned, or the ruler of the world? Or, assuming you are the reaper, I could be the one that beat you at a challenge, and you had to give up more that you bargained for.
  4. Your argument is invalade, I clearly win.
  5. A banned member returning? I don't know the details, but even if you've done nothing wrong by returning, there's still the fact that you made another alternate account. Bye bye now. I don't think it counts as an alternate if it's the only working one, because wouldn't alternate imply I have a choice between which one I use?
  6. You may have that victory, but you will find none here
  7. For now, yes, but there will come a day when people stop trying to win, and that will be my day, and so shall the one's that follow.
  8. still fan of Sugar Stars i see -.- Ofcourse i am > Okay, I'm confused, do you have multiple personalities who communicate through this website?
  9. Banned for blaming yourself for his banning.
  10. I have returned to remind you all that i have already called dibs on winning, and that i intend to in the future. Tatyby -Tin Man