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  1. You want the easiest way to get it? Beat the first Arena, get the Barbarian, then beat the Barbarian boss. You get it from the start of the game. Keep it simple, stupid.
  2. There, now for the last time, stop trying to pick fights. I'm being indifferent about it. Mad-whatever said that the OP has no skill, so I replied. I'm far from picking a fight, but being indifferent, like I said. There's no debate here. It's a non-issue. Level 99 doesn't require skill because the whole game doesn't require much skill nor is it a feat of greatness.
  3. For future reference, when did Button Mashers ever require skill? It's a non-issue. There's no debating that getting level 99 is no great feat, but it's just a personal relief rather than an achievement. If you disagree, you're delusional.
  4. I think a 'Dunce' character would be funny to go with the theme of the marshland characters.
  5. I got a few characters around that level. I have a Gray Knight [30], Black Knight [24] and Industrialist [24]. Are you using any of them because I would plan on using the Gray Knight.
  6. So, I just collected all 26 animal orbs. I've counted. Don't ask. I'm not stupid. Anyway, I have yet to get the trophy. I've exited to map so it would save/Exit the game entirely. Is there something I'm missing or is this just a glitch? Should I wait it out?
  7. Quagsire Furret Poliwhirl Natu Pupitar Pikachu. Duh.
  8. Cyanide

    Insane Party

    So, I'm going for the gold skull. Details to follow: Character: Blue Knight *Level: 50 [i want people around this level] PSN: Cyanide14 Time Zone: EST Availability: 5:00PM-10:00PM PM/Message Online if interested * Subject to Increase
  9. Congrats. You crammed for XP. Want a cookie?
  10. All console warriors are idiots. Xbox has a better user-interface, PS3 has great RPG exclusives, while Xbox is a shooter driven console. Buy one based on what you want to play. I can't stand when people turn threads/youtube comments into a console war. It's pointless and no one wins; you all look stupid.
  11. I noticed that just after my last post. Question Resolved!
  12. There's an insane mode, it's in the same place. You just have to beat the game on regular first. And if that's not working, it might be a bug. I've beaten the game; White skull and all. I've never been given the option to pick between modes. I'll have to look into in next time I get on.
  13. Q: Is there a insane mode on PSN or can I just not seem to find it?
  14. I'm debating with myself why this is neccessary. I mean; It's not like you have a KD and it'll ruin your rank and there really is no purpose since it would be on your console opposed to your friend's. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing, but, if someone could elaborate, that'd be great.
  15. I'm not going to 'dumb down' my opinion because it seems 'mean.' I like to be blunt. I never have/will sugarcoat things. Besides, being blunt isn't against any rule so I dunno where you came across that. I guess chivalry is dead in gaming.