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  1. Saturnbud

    What Are The Best Characters To Play As?

    I never noticed until I went back and player CC again, but the ink Knight is kinda OP.
  2. Saturnbud

    Official The Behemoth Fan Art Contest

    I want one so bad! It's so adorable!
  3. Saturnbud

    Official The Behemoth Fan Art Contest

    Awesome job Pickles. My favorite piece of the bunch so far.
  4. Saturnbud

    Official The Behemoth Fan Art Contest

    Ooooh, Art! I've been waiting for something like this, and I wont disappoint you guys!
  5. Saturnbud

    Do You Get Gold Trophy In Co-Op?

    Im 1/2 way to Gold. Im gonna be so happy to walk around with my gold trophy.
  6. Saturnbud

    Community-Submitted Heads?

    Again, we had this discussion before. There's too much copyright today to have a head of any copyrighted characters.
  7. Saturnbud

    Community-Submitted Heads?

    I think this would be really cool.
  8. Saturnbud

    Battle Block Theater Figures

    I love the Tofu Horses. Wait, idea. My Little Tofu Horses- Battleblock is Magic.
  9. Saturnbud

    Gift Shop - Free Star Heads

    I would like a Winston. Since you wont accept any form of In-game payment, may I offer you a drawing?
  10. Saturnbud

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Sonic the Hedgehog is cool
  11. Saturnbud

    Shurvey's Fan Art

    Hooray for Fanart. I need to do more Behemoth stuff when I have the chance.
  12. Saturnbud

    You Going To Rtx 2013? Us Too!

    I wish I could, but I have no monies for a ticket from LAX to Austin. Plus, no monies for a ticket. Maybe next year.
  13. Saturnbud

    Insane Co-Op Partner

    I may be able to do it. Im still working on beating Insane SP myself. Gamertag: Saturnbud
  14. Saturnbud

    Previously On Battleblock...

    I say we open up an art Thread sometime. Some people on here seem to like drawing, including me.
  15. Saturnbud

    Golden Hat Rampagers

    Me and my brother always fight for the hat when we play. I try to sabotage him in the most subtle ways possible than make off with the hat.